Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Value Project - Week 2

Hi all, so I'm two weeks into this project, what have I achieved so far? Well, I've got one marine finished, may I introduce Vlad Stoichita, and now that he's done it should help me to paint the rest of the squad a bit faster. I'll also include a bit of a review for some resin bases I got from Base-X-of-War to use with my Bloodstone Knights.

Well it's taken long enough, but I finally managed to finish the first of my Soarta squad (death company if you've not read my previous posts on this project). I've got another five of these guys coming in the post along with a dreadnought to match and a drop pod for my sternguard, so hopefully i'll get a bit of time over the weekend to play with them, I've got a few ideas about using sanguinary guard wings on the drop pod to make it a bit more bloodstone but until i see the model I'm not going to know how i want to make that work.

I've done a bit more work on the first of my sanguinary guard too, as well as getting the base black onto some of the other Soarta, and I've started basing up some of the other models, including the first of my thunder hammer terminators, I hope you'll agree it looks suitably imposing, should look even better when it's painted!

In total then the project has taken me the following:
1. Preparation - 60 minutes, half on prepping my new bases (see below) and half on my new drop pod.
2. Conversion - 65 minutes.
3. Painting - 585 minutes (9 hours 45 mins)
4. Background - 120 minutes.
I'll break this down a bit more next time to try and pick out how long I've spent on each item, but I've probably written enough for now.

Finally then, a quick review of the bases I got from Base-X-of-War.

These are white resin bases, so they've got a decent amount of weight behind them. As you can see from Vlad in the first part of the post, he's mounted at the back of the base with his jump pack hanging over the back, but there's no worry that'll it'll topple over. The bases are easy to drill to pin models to them, and they seem to take primer quite well. Most impressive though to my mind was the value in them, a standard 25mm round comes in a pack of 5 for £2.60, whilst the 40mm ones are only £1.80, and a 60mm dreadnought base is £3.30. They come in loads of different styles, I've gone for the ice scape ones here (I'm a sucker for icy bases, all my models get them)