Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dark Eldar Succubus

Hi guys, bit of a new type of post for me here, it's a breakdown of how I went about painting one of my Dark Eldar HQ's, the Succubus.

First step therefore was to assemble the model, and in this regard I decided to go with wych weapons, and my personal favourite has got to be the hydra gauntlets, so out went the weapons from the original kit and in came a pair of the wyches gauntlets. They're not particularly threatening on their own, but given that her purpose is to sit in my unit of bloodbrides, who also max out on the gauntlets, their damage potential is huge (a bucket is required to roll all the attack dice). Plus I think you'll agree they look awesome.

On to stage 1 of the painting then (I'm not counting the black primer as a stage) and I base coated all the armour areas with the old charadon granite paint (storm vermin fur is the closest in the current GW range) using dheneb stone (rakharth flesh) for the skin, and tallarn flesh (Cadian fleshtone) for the flayed skin and the helmet on the base.

Stage two saw the armour get a black wash, the skin get a purple wash, and the flayed skin an ogryn flesh wash (reikland fleshshade). The hair got a base coat of hawk turquoise (sotek green) and the metal areas were based in tin bitz (warplock bronze) then dwarf bronze (hashut copper).

The next stage involved dry brushing ice blue onto the hair, and layering dheneb stone over all bar the recesses of the skin. The metal areas were layered with shining gold, and the armour was edge highlighted with dark angels green, then snot green. The flayed skin and helmet were re-layered with tallarn flesh and the helmet was then layered with golden yellow.

The hair was then finally drybrushed with skull white, which was also applied as a very fine highlight to the skin. The armour was edged with scorpion green, and the flayed skin with elf flesh. The helmet was highlighted with sunburst yellow.

The very final highlight stage, with sunburst yellow applied to the sharpest edges of the armour, and burnished gold to the metallic parts. The eyes were detailed (painted black, then white, with a black pupil - not leaving much white or they start to look mad) and I gave her a bit of scorpion green eyeshadow.

So there you have it, the finished Succubus. My wyches are all painted the same way, let me know what you think.