Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Can't decide which list to use

Hey all,
this is a bit of a new one for me, I'm playing a game tomorrow evening and can't quite decide which list to use. Game is set at 1500 points, and I'll be using my raven guard successor chapter against (probably) Orks (might end up being chaos).

This is my first game with the new marine codex, and I'm wedded to using the Raven Guard chapter tactics for fluff reasons.

So which list would you use?

Chapter Master in terminator armour
Librarian level 2 in terminator armour

5 Terminators with Assault cannon

5 Scouts with heavy bolter and camo cloaks
10 Scouts with sniper rifles and missile launcher and flakk missiles, in camo cloaks
10 Tactical marines with plasma gun, plasma cannon and combi plasma in razorback
10 Tactical marines with flamer and missile launcher with flakk missiles in razorback with twin lascannons

8 Devastators with 4 heavy bolters

The first alternative list drops the librarian and downgrades the Chapter Master to a terminator captain and replaces them with a 10-man assault squad.

The second option drops the vindicator and flakk missiles instead to fit in a storm talon, which could also be done with the chapter master and librarian option.

At this point, I'm leaning towards the second option for these reasons:
1. Whilst the Chapter Master brings the orbital bombardment and more combat ability, I'm still not likely to outdo a tooled up ork warboss (or chaos lord). The terminator captain still brings the same resilience and whilst it's not the cheapest HQ I could get, it's not expensive.
2. The assault squad makes use of the raven guard chapter tactics but also gives me a mobile reserve to counter attack if the Orks get into contact with my units.
3. I've got two genuine anti air missile launchers, plus with ork planes being armour 10 all round, I've got a reasonable chance of doing damage even with normal bolters.
4. The Vindicator gives me a real punch against most things the orks bring to the table, especially those big mobs that are likely to be flooding my lines at some point.

Any thoughts? I do have some other options, including a venerable dread, another 5 terminators, two more razorbacks, vanguard veterans