Sunday, 17 November 2013

Asgard's Wrath vs Orcs

Hi all,
I have another bloodbowl match report for you from this week, when my team of Norsemen took on an inexperienced team of Orcs in the MAD League. Now my Norsemen were sitting at the top of the league clear by a point at the start of the night, though they'd played two games more than their nearest rival. That rival was also playing, against a team of high elves who'd held me to a draw, so it was vital that at the very least I matched their result if I were going to stay at the top.

Things started out indifferently, with me kicking off and the early turns seeing the orcs secure possession on their left flank. This game saw the second match of my Yhetee's career, after his first being rather a non event against the Amazons. He started the match on fire, picking up two casualties in the early part of the half, so one more would see him get his first skill.

The Orc ball carrier broke through my defensive line and made a break for it, and here my opponent's inexperience showed, with him going for it to get his player out of easy blitz range. Somewhat inevitably, Nuffle struck and he rolled a one followed by another (ironically, exactly what had happened to me in the previous match), spilling the ball into the crowd. The home fans were not having the away team showing such form however, and having got their hands on the ball, they sent it far into the opposition half for my runner to chase after. This he did successfully, retrieving the ball with altitude help from blocking players, touching down to put me one up, slightly fortuitously it must be said. The remainder of the half passed without too much of significance, except that I noticed I had somehow set up at the start of the match with only 10 players on the pitch (I wondered why I'd been struggling in defence).

The second half saw the weather turn, the sun coming out and causing a blinding reflection off the Norsca snow making passing more difficult. That didn't deter my thrower though, and after a false start or two, he completed his third pass in six games to get the ball to my runner who picked up his second touchdown of the match, the completion also causing my thrower to advance to the stage of getting a new skill.

Which left us in the last quarter of the game, with me kicking to my opponent, and that holy grail arrived, the Blitz! My Ulfwerener busted a hole in the main line of defence and my runner burst through it, pressurising the ball carrier in the Orc back field. My Yhetee picked up his third casualty of the game, getting him through to a new skill and the second Ulf eventually put down the Orc thrower with the ball, seeing my runner pick it up and run in for his third touchdown of the game. This makes him the leading scorer in the league so far, though as you can imagine, there are plenty of others hot on his tail since I've played more games than anyone else.

In the aftergame I picked up another 60k in winnings, allowing me to buy a second runner (never a good idea to rely on just the one), and in the skill department, my Thrower managed to roll a double 5, so I took Strong Arm to let him throw further without a negative modifier, and the Yhetee picked up a standard skill so I took Mighty Blow to make sure that he could penetrate armour on a roll of 7 or more. Hopefully next skill he'll pick up will be a double, I could really do with him getting block.

So another win for the Asgard's Wrath, but what of the chasing pack I hear you cry? Well the game on the other table ended in a 1-1 draw, so my lead over the Egdenberg Undertakers is up to three points, though they still have two games in hand over me. By all accounts though the High Elves didn't help themselves, failing several 2+ dodge attempts throughout the game. They still managed to pick up enough Star Player Points though to make their catcher the leading player in the league on 25. Even Valtyr has some way to go to catch that, with only a Black Orc from the Ugly Gitz (Headstompa) anywhere near him.

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