Thursday, 28 November 2013

Founding a Dynasty

The time of renewal has come, the time for the galaxy to come to know the Necrontyr, and to fear their reawakening.

Deep in the bowels of the world of Paragon VI an ancient intelligence stirs, a power immeasurable to the galaxy today, a power seeking a return to its former days of glory.

Here begins the tale of this reawakening, of the unstoppable march of the Necrons of the Sobekhotep dynasty.

I bought the Necron codex some time ago, shortly after its release, but until now haven't had the time or funds to dedicate to starting a collection.

In a departure to my usual method for collecting an army, I decided this time that I would collect a force to a particular value (2000pts) rather than filling a force organisation chart.

When I sat down to plan out the army, I was thoroughly ensconced in my synergy review of the Dark Eldar Codex, so had those principles in mind when I selected the force, designing it to complement itself through unit selection.

It's a generally accepted fact that 6th edition focuses on troops units to win games, with only 1 game type not resulting in them being the decisive factor. Bearing that in mind, I picked a solid base of 3 full units of Immortals, 2 with gauss blasters and 1 with tesla carbines.

I'll look separately at why I overlooked basic Necron Warriors as a troops selection, but for now 30 T4, Sv3+ troops would provide a very solid base able to secure and hold objectives.

The next required selection therefore is an HQ unit. Now the Necrons don't have much choice here as there are only 2 possible options that aren't special characters and personally I'm not a huge fan of specials. That left me with a destroyer lord or an overlord. My choice was simple, as I like the overlord model more than the destroyer, and it has the option of the royal court.

In terms of equipping the model I looked at the statline and picked up two key factors. First, the overlord's BS and WS are the same as an immortal's, so whilst there was little chance of it fighting its way through a dedicated combat unit/HQ, there was no merit in equipping it as a ranged unit (I might just as well take another immortal). The second point was that with three attacks keeping it out of combat would be wasting that statline. Necrons in general are not adapted for combat though, with only the C'tan having an initiative greater than 2, so I would need 2 things from any combat unit I created. First I need resilience, and second I need to cause a lot of damage on the turn that I charge. The overlord clearly can't achieve this on his own though, so in came a royal court of 4 Necron Lords. These would be my Overlord's bodyguard and I equipped them to match him, with each carrying a staff of light and sempiternal weave. This would give me a potentially devastating round of shooting before charging in, and make these tough models even more resistant to damage. Finally I equipped the Overlord with a resurrection orb and a phase shifter. This unit would be my main troubleshooters, identifying the greatest threat to my army and engaging it, either eliminating it through close range fire or tying it up in combat, taking it out of the game.

Next I wanted something to enhance my threat on the field, and there's only 1 model in the list that fits all the criteria I applied to this, so in came a Triarch Stalker. The quantum shielding on the unit makes it tough to damage, and the targeting relay fits perfectly the description of a synergistic unit, significantly amplifying the firepower of the army as a whole. The rules for the targeting relay also focus my attention on something I often struggle with, and that's eliminating a whole units rather than damaging it and moving on.

Next I wanted more firepower, and some flyer defence. The flyer defence was easily solved, with a doom scythe entering the list. Against vehicles, I needed something heavy and so in came a pair of destroyers with heavy gauss cannons. Further anti infantry firepower comes from three tomb blade jetbikes with twin linked tesla carbines.

That's the basis of the army completed, and therefore I wanted some extra flexibility to my collection, allowing me to chop and change units to keep some variety. With this selection I decided to try and throw a spanner into my opponent's plans. As I mentioned earlier, Necrons aren't a combat army, though they do have a large selection of combat style troops. What I really wanted was some way of keeping my immortal units from getting tied up in combats they would never escape from therefore. In came 3 canoptek wraiths with whip coils to entangle opposing combat units. 5 Triarch Praetorians would give me a fast moving unit that could contest any objectives in my opponent's deployment zone. Finally then, 5 Lychguard would patrol my own deployment area, engaging enemy infiltrators or fast moving troops attempting to claim or contest objectives in my table half.