Thursday, 12 December 2013

Because Wednesdays just aren't random enough

Hi all, I've decided that since my posting schedule is very heavy at the start of the week with nothing else afterwards, that I'm going to move random Wednesdays, which will now just be a random post when the mood takes me.

So with that in mind, here's today's dose of random thoughts occurring to me and inspiring a blog post.

'What kind of hobbyist are you, and how do you choose your armies'

First off then, I see that there are three types of hobbyist, the sawbones, who never builds a model just as it comes out of the box, they buy models to fuel their addiction to cutting up bits of plastic and sticking them back together in new and interesting shapes. 

Second there's the painter, who may or may not exhibit sawbones tendencies, but most of all lives to lavish time on the paintjob for a particular model. Anyone who understands and is capable of using the terms object source lighting, non metallic metal, freehand and blending probably falls into this category.

And finally there are the gamers, who couldn't care less if all their models are grey with occasional superglue staining, so long as they have the most powerful, points efficient units possible in their collection.

Now the reality is that most hobbyists enjoy some or all of the above, but similarly most hobbyists will have one of the disciplines they enjoy more than the others. I freely admit that I'm a painter at heart, in fact I went over ten years without using my dice in anger, but i probably picked up a paintbrush most days within that same period. 

Secondly then, what makes you choose a particular army to collect next? 

Well the first part of this answer would be related to the first part of this post, in that often a hobbyist will choose an army based on what happens to be the 'most powerful' available at the moment.

Alternatively, the painter or sawbones may be inspired by the models themselves, indeed that's how I decided to begin my dark eldar collection as the models are just too stunning to ignore.

Then there's the fluff bunny, who decides to start an army because they've read enough of the background to know that they just like the idea of having that army (guess what, that's how my blood angels and Necron collections got started). 

Next you have the good/bad guy. These hobbyists can't abide the thought of playing the 'enemy' or the 'goodie' and their collections will consist solely of one type or another. 

And finally you have the collector, who generally collects armies for one reason - because they haven't got one of that type yet!