Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas gaming - a few ideas

Hi all, jut a quick post today, inspired by an event we have going on at our club this evening, on the topic of gaming at Christmas, and doing something new and fun that you wouldn't normally try.

A few years ago I was involved in archery and the last meet before Christmas always involved doing something different, so shooting with your 'wrong' hand, or trying a different kind of bow etc.

 This year MAD wargames have decided to run a kill team event for 8 players, one of whom doesn't even play 40k usually, so big hats off to dave for getting into the Christmas spirit. The games will be played across 4 themed tables (industrial, jungle, ruins and fortress) and there will be snacks and festive hats galore.

So go on, try something different with your games this Christmas, why not swap armies with a regular opponent and try playing in a different style, or take on a new game system, anything goes (except maybe playing blindfolded, that way lies madness and broken minis!)