Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mondays update.

So what do I have in store for you all this week?

Painting update.


Ok so I’ve not managed to get a massive amount of painting done this week, what with Christmas coming up, a poorly wife and a daughter that needs looking after, but I have managed a few small bits and pieces here and there. I’ve also been using some new brushes I was given for my birthday (Windsor and Newton Series 7 no less) and I have to say on the evidence gathered so far, I won’t be going back!



Well I didn’t play any games this week, but as Thursday is our last club night before Christmas we’ve decided to do something a little different, so we’re having a kill team mini-tournament. We’ve also been plotting a 40k campaign for next year, so there’s still plenty to discuss.



We’ve played one game of this in recent memory, I think there were six of us taking part on a single board and whilst I didn’t last long (I only had dark eldar infantry with me, and there was a distinct lack of cover around too) it was a fun game with plenty of differing style teams – varying from my mix of wyches and warriors, to a terminator squad, a squadron of dark angels landspeeders, and what can only be described as a frighteningly large pack of orks. They’ve updated the rules since then, so the terminators are no longer legal, but I’m looking forward to a series of linked games where my leader will improve as the games go by. I only have one problem, I’m trying to decide between taking a marine vanguard assault squad, a mixed marine scout and tactical squad, or a dark eldar reaver team.



Something we’ve been tinkering around with for a while, and it’s now gained enough momentum to qualify as being ‘organised’. I’m involved at this level, as is Frank over at ‘The Eternal Wargamer’, and between us I think we’ve come up with a pretty promising concept. We have eight players taking part, and have picked teams at random to join either the Forces of Order, or the Forces of Disorder, the exception being Jon and Ryan, who only have one or other available to them (Jon can choose from Chaos and Orks, Ryan from Space Marines or Guard). With them installed as ‘team captains’ therefore, we drew the other players, all of whom could join either side. I drew the forces of order, so my marines will be joining Ryan’s Guard, Andy’s Guard and Cal’s Tau, facing off against Jon’s Chaos, Frank’s Dark Eldar, MJ’s Tau and Howard’s Renegade Guard. Some interesting team selections there, and I for one am looking forward to the possibility of Tau civil war, or actually playing against Dark Eldar myself for the first time.


The next question then was how to structure the campaign. After a few suggestions we decided to go for a simple option, so each mission from the main rule book would be played once, and we’d find a couple of other missions to add in to make 8 games. Each person therefore would play two games initially, with the teams assigning a particular player to a particular mission without knowing who the other team had assigned to the same scenario, making the matchups ‘blind’ games with no chance to tailor forces (I could easily create a very nasty list to bully a multi-heldrake chaos force, but they probably wouldn’t fare very well against a horde list so that creates interesting tactical options for army selection). The same list would also be used in all the games further encouraging balance in army selection. The winner of each of these games in rounds 1 and 2 would gain a mission-specific bonus to take into the final games, which would be two doubles games, representing different parts of the same battle, and we’re looking at devising some mechanic whereby whichever game finishes first can denote the winning units still on the tabletop to the other game as reserves. Some of those bonuses include D3 orbital bombardments for the winner of big guns never tire, winner of Crusade gets to bring back one destroyed squad or vehicle (<151 points) as a reserve from their next turn, D3 units gain the infiltrate rule for the winner of the scouring etc. We’ve tried to keep the benefits to something that will affect the game, but won’t break it completely.


I’m really looking forward to this campaign, hopefully it will encourage the participants to really think about their lists and what works well together, I’m very much hoping to be able to put my Iron fists onto the table for the first time (depending obviously on what arrives over and just after Christmas!)




Speaking of Iron Fists, what painting I did manage to get done this week was split with about half of it going into painting these guys. Still plenty of progress to be made, but they’re coming on nicely, and I’m really pleased with the scheme. I have noticed a couple of minor issues with my previously published list, so look for the revised version soon.



Finally then, I have a game of Necromunda coming up tomorrow. This is our last opportunity to play before Christmas, so we’ve decided to go with a scenario I found online, called the ‘Fight before Fistmas’. It looks like a really interesting scenario with a creature taking part called the ‘Phanta Claws’, which guards a horde of treasure that the gangs are trying to raid.


With that in mind, and following the advances my gang have made over the last few games, I’ve got three new models to include, two of which I’ve begun painting and are shown below. The first is a new model for Boone, who’s advanced to become better at shooting so I’ve given him a gun worthy of striking fear even into the hearts of the mightiest beasts. Second is one of my old Juves, who’s advanced sufficiently to be given a ganger model. His weapon skill is still lowly, but with three combat skills on his profile, including the awesome ‘step aside’ to give me an invulnerable 4+ dodge save in combat he’s not getting taken down easily.


Having discussed our gangs after the last game, we have agreed another house rule whereby if you roll a BS/WS advance, rather than randomising, we are allowed to pick based on the ganger’s armament – we didn’t feel it was entirely appropriate for a ganger armed with a lasgun for example, blasting away all game and then gaining an increase to his WS, resulting in us having to buy/convert/paint a new replacement.


That’s all for now guys,

Till next time, keep rollin’!