Friday, 6 December 2013

Revenge will be served piping hot from the microwave

Hi all, hope you're well and looking forward to another battle write up from the fight for shining falls.

This week three of us met again to clash over a section of the town littered with scrap the gangs had identified as being worth a few creds, so my Death Spectres, Pete's Salvage Snakes and Tonka's 78th Street Smash mob set up for war.

We used the new terrain I was given for my birthday last week, which though as yet unpainted combined fantastically with the existing set we've got and gave a very busy looking battlefield.

Things didn't start too well for the boys in beige this time around (after last game's ambush, this seems to be becoming a theme!) with both Hawg and Vulture going down early on, though crank had shaken off the effects of his head wound long enough to put down the last scavenger mission's legendary survivor, Gump. The focus shifted then however, with a combat team from the smash mob distracting the salvage snakes, allowing me to move my vents infiltration team into position to claim some scrap counters, with a pair of juves claiming a third. 

Brew put his rapid fire shooting to good effect, wounding Ed from the Salvage Snakes, and Crank again remained focused on the battle long enough to put down T1000 from the smash mob.

Two of the smash mob spotted my juves collecting loot and focused on them, both juves taking wounds.

Spotting The Salvage King embroiled in a melee with two of the smash mob, and spotting the ideal opportunity to take him down, rebel and crank both shot into the combat, though the shots missed the Salvage King himself, but taking down both of his opponents. He must have thought he'd got a guardian angel!

Boone finally wounded the Salvage Snakes ganger who'd charged him, having failed to hurt him in the previous phase of combat. Boone had been particularly ineffective up until this point, failing to wound burnout of the Salvage Snakes with a full power shot from his plasma pistol, and things went from bad to worse after the combat, when aiming another shot at the heavy, he missed, despite only needing a 2+! 

Burnout responded to the first failure by vapourising Anon of the smash mob, forcing them to bottle out of the fight.

Stumpy of the Death Spectres then attempted to leap from one gantry to the next, failing by the narrowest of margins, but not taking damage from the resulting 3" fall. 
He promptly got charged by two Snakes however, but in an impressive display of skill (and poor rolling from Pete - see the photo!) he put the first out of action and then dodged the second, allowing Shock and Brew to reinforce him an putting the second ganger out of action also. 

Then tragedy struck, Boone's missed shot at Burnout leaving the heavy open to shoot at Stumpy, Brew and Shock. Shock was the first to see the heavy lining up the shot, and gave Brew a hard shove, pushing him from the worst of the blast, before diving in front of Stumpy. Her sacrifice was not in vain, and though the shot killed her, Brew and Stumpy both avoided serious injury. Junkyard finished the game toasting the Salvage King, and the Salvage Snakes bottled out leaving the Death Spectres triumphant once more.

In the aftermath, I made several improvements to my gang, despite the loss of Shock. Boone was offered a ratskin map that turned out to be old and incomplete so I can now add or subtract 2 from the scenario chart, he also picked up a meltagun and spent the next few hours scratching the name 'Burnout' onto a fuel canister.

Rebel became BS4, Crank added the Fast Shot skill (though as he currently only has 1 attack its not yet useful), Brew picked up a second attack, Weasel got an extra attack and became WS3, Maggot learned how to shoot from the hip but picked up an arm wound, whilst stumpy learned how to counter attack.