Monday, 20 January 2014

Help, I've got plastic eyes!

Everything I see at the moment is in that mid-grey tone, it must be due to all the kits I've been assembling over the weekend.

40k - it's war is a campaign coming up at my club in February and I'm going to be taking the iron fists along to repel the chaos and xenos invaders from the ecclesiastical world of Ligotia.

That meant that Christmas money was entirely focused on these guys, and last Wednesday a delivery arrived containing 12 bikes, 2 attack bikes, a box of centurions and a stalker tank.

Beginning on Friday night therefore I started the assembly process (I'm hoping to stretch their legs for the first time on Thursday this week against an Adepta Sororitas army I've never beaten before).

I started with the centurions, though this kit goes together differently to others I've done, so actually took quite a while. I finished them off on Saturday, along with the stalker. The centurions were so different I'll be writing a separate post covering them and how I went about magnetising their weapons, and the stalker I was very happy with as a kit since with the exception of 1 aerial set, the two guns don't share any parts, so a few magnets here and there will give it plenty of flexibility.

Finally then last night I was faced with the task of the bikes. I sat down in front of the BBC's new version of The Three Musketeers with my clippers and a large pile of sprues. By the time the end credits were rolling I had a very large box of bits on my knee. Match of the day came on, so I decided as I'd be staying up anyway I might as well keep going so out came the glue, and the bikes are now completely assembled along with the riders torsos. Arms and legs need sticking on as do alternative shoulder pads for some and a couple of special weapons, but tonight should see that finished. Then I just need to remove mould lines etc and get them sprayed and based.

Given how long the command squad and the other bikes are taking I think ill batch paint them in groups of four, using the centurions and stalker as rewards for completing each batch.