Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ton Up!

Here it is then, my 100th post! I thought in view of this milestone I'd take a look back over my gaming life and the life of this blog.

In the beginning...
So where did it all start, what gave me the gaming bug? Well, as with many if us I suspect, it was the playground of my school, at the age of 14. I'd been interested in making airfix models for years, but some of my friends had much more interesting models, dwarfs and dragons for starters! I started talking to them about it and it turned out that there was a race of rats that were the size of men and walked on two legs, how cool was that? I and another friend decided we'd collect an army between us. What did I buy first? Well besides the skaven army book (of which I still have a copy) my first purchase was a box of clanrats. In those days, ten of them set you back five whole English Pounds, and though there was just the one pose, there were several different shield designs you could have. Eager to begin I set about painting them with the paints I had to hand - humbrol gloss green and gloss yellow, five of each. Now I'm not sure why I had those in my collection, but I decided fairly quickly that I needed some matt paints, so I bought the citadel starter paint set (I actually still have some of these 20 years later, and they're still perfectly usable!)

My skaven army blossomed, led by warlord Queek, chief head taker of Clan Mors, though it's success on the battlefield was limited, culminating in a 10,000 point game between two teams of three, where half our army didn't turn up because the player got the date wrong, 60 clanrats were sent scurrying and killed by a dwarf warrior line and that was that. Still, I managed a 'C' in GCSE design and technology with a case I made for the magic item cards and spell decks from that generation.

First foray into 40k
This happened a few years later during my time at college, and I was loaned a bunch of tyranids models to use in a game against the space wolves. 2nd edition 40k, and I didn't survive long, but the imagery had me hooked even more than the skaven, and I began collecting a blood angels force by first picking up the boxed game. My early games with these guys were also fairly unsuccessful, including a game against chaos where all bar a handful of models in my opponent's army were wearing terminator armour (my first experience of a power gamer I guess).

Next up came 3rd Edition 40k, and a whole host of new models for the space marines. I decided the time was right to re-start my collection, and the Tiger Legion were born. I kept these guys going right through university, only dropping them once 4thedition hit the shelves, with its flexible marine codex. I had big plans, and four new chapters were born, based on white scars (The Spirit Sentinels), black templars (Brotherhood of the Eternal Sword), salamanders (Storm Reavers) and a plain codex chapter (variously Serpent Guard, Cobra Guard and then Viper Guard). Most of these never saw much progress, mainly the Storm Reavers as I discovered I wasn’t a fan of painting green. The Viper Guard got the most love, and they kept being added to throughout 5th edition (the reason for the others being dropped as the new codex removed the flexibility of the old one) alongside a new collection of Raven Guard, who were all converted in some way. Then the Dark Eldar were re-released, and I just had to have those models, and the Kabal of the Burning Eye (hence the name of this very blog) was born.

At this point, I became much more active online, finding a voice on a couple of different forums, and taking a few tentative steps towards creating a website. Then I decided that the first steps were better taken using an existing structure rather than starting from scratch, and the Burning Eye blog began. It was also around this time that I found a local club, though not having played since being a part time assistant at Warhammer World it quickly became obvious that I was a) Ring rusty as far as the actual rules went, and b)desperately in need of updating my lists and collections, which were based on what looked good, rather than what worked.
And that pretty much brings you up to date with my hobby career, my latest marine projects are taking shape, and the Iron Fists are undefeated in ‘normal’ games of 40k (a second place in a carnage game being the only blemish on their record) though I suspect that may be about to change this week as I face a chaos list with 2 recycling Heldrakes.
So what about the blog then?

Of course my first forays into the world of blogging were pretty scattergun, I posted a couple of bloodbowl tacticas I'd written a long time ago to remind myself what to do with the Skaven, and re-hashed an article I'd written for The Dark City forum on coming up with names for the characters in your armies, then a few brief battle reports and a few ramblings inspired by some of the more negative comments I'd seen on my favourite rumour site. I picked up a few links to blogrolls, (Faeit 212, SciFi Wargamers Network, UK Bloggers Group and Tale of Painters).

At this point I decided that I needed to be more organised, so I settled on a more structured format, with regular hobby updates and tactica posts, interspersed with random posts on topics that interest me and odd battle reports from more significant or interesting games.

The blog is now in a format I'm happy with, and though more readers and followers are always welcome, along with comments from them, I'm perfectly happy spilling the contents of my brain onto the internet several times a week.