Thursday, 27 March 2014

Distraction projects

Welcome to the latest of my random musings, and today I wanted to talk a little bit about distraction.

First off I think I need to explain exactly the type of distraction i mean. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I'd decided to concentrate on my bloodstone knights for a bit in terms of painting. Yeah that went well, a couple of friends of mine who I've been playing necromunda against are getting into 40k, and invited me to go and spend a day playing 500 point games of 40k at the end of April. Erm, yes please! I cleared it with my wife, and as luck would have it that particular day she has a friend coming over to see her and our daughter so me being out of the house was fine. There was just one problem, I didn't really want to try and assemble a 500pt army from the blood angels stuff I've got (it would be horribly unbalanced for starters). 

As a result, the bloodstone knights went back in their box once the sternguard were largely finished, and two iron fists tactical squads started getting some attention. As I'm writing this, my eyes are recovering from painting base coats, scrolls and armour washing 16 tactical marines. They're now just about usable, but need as much time again to be finished. In the meantime of course, I've now got a game with my bloodstone knights arranged for next week, so plenty more frantic work on the horizon.

So back to the main topic then, and hobby distractions, good or bad?

Well I'd have to say in this instance very good, as although I can't wait to get my bloodstone knights onto the tabletop, I now have 4 viable troops units for my iron fists, 2 bike squads and 2 tactical squads, but more importantly, I've had a significant sense of purpose over the last couple of days painting these guys up, I'm even looking forward to getting some bases done for them to match those I've done for the bikes.

Of course it's not such good news for the bloodstone knights, but I'm still looking forward to doing some more on them in the near future, in fact I need to get them at least tacked together for next club night!

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