Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday Hobby Update

Evening all, and welcome to another Monday hobby update, this week I've got the latest pictures of my sternguard for you, along with a few pointers as to the games and events I've got coming up soon.

Without further ado then, here are close ups of the sternguard as they stand this evening (I'm hoping to get more done on them later once the good lady wife has gone to bed!

First up is Dumitru Macek, the Sergeant of the Squad
In-game he may or may not take the power sword, depending on points available and my opponent.

Next is Gheorghe Prodan

Ion Lacusta
And Nichifor Blaga
Finally we have Sorin Noica, the heavy weapon specialist
Further down my painting list is the Soarta Squad, who you can see here supported by Ancient Nemirul, the Death Company Dreadnought. Also in the picture is Vlad Stoichita, who longer term readers may remember as the first of the Soarta that I completed.

In terms of the Value Project, that puts the sternguard at roughly £5.30 per hour I've spent on them (which includes their drop pod, on which there's plenty still to be done!

Finally, here's Astorath with just a few highlights and layer colours left to apply (and his base to do, which I'm expecting to be tricky)

In terms of games therefore, I'm testing out the bloodstone knights this week at my club and then next week I'm hopefully going to be doubling up with another blood angels player for a 3000 point MAD DoGS game, opponents yet to be decided.

In the longer term, I've got a day booked at the end of April to play some 500 point games with another group of friends, most of whom are newer to 40k than myself, but 500 points presents its own challenges for an elite army, as each failed armour save becomes a far more significant percentage of my overall army.

Till next time,

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