Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday update

Hi all,
I know it’s been a while since my last post, I had a week away from things last week, though it has meant I’ve made a lot more progress on models than previously. So in today’s bumper edition, I’ve got painting and modelling updates, a brief summary of my last battle report, and a look forward to what’s coming up in the weeks ahead at MAD Wargaming.

Painting update.
Looking back over things, I notice I’ve not actually updated my painting progress since the 10th February – how remiss of me!

Well first things first, the Iron Fists are continuing with their paint job, and I’ve even now managed to get the first layer of Fenris Grey airbrushed onto the bikes. This will need washing next with Agrax Earthshade all over, so I’ll want to do that in a monster session really as washing is a pretty dull part of painting them. I’ve also begun work on the first of the Centurion Devastators, naturally meaning that he’s been killed in the games since the paint started being applied (I know, I should put the painted ones at the back!). I've also converted up a Chaplain on a bike thanks to donations of parts from guys at MAD Wargaming.
And some sternguard for a multi tasking unit

I’ve done a bit of work on my Necrons too, including using a glaze for the first time in my painting life. The scheme still needs tweaking a little, as at the moment the gun in particular is too ‘blue’ and I’m tempted to re-do the shoulder pads as the effect isn’t what I was hoping for.

Finally, I spent a few productive hours on Saturday night working on my kill team. I thought I’d given up on the Raven Guard, but I can’t in all conscience paint up a specific kill team for 40k (and the Dirty Sevens tournament I’m running at MAD Wargaming) and use any other colour scheme – I’m certainly not about to paint them up as Imperial Fists in bright yellow! 
This scheme is an adapted version of the one I used for my Raven Guard army a while back – the chapter badges have been done in grey and washed instead of the stark white that would clearly give them away, and the tabards and cloaks are done in a camouflage pattern.
I’m keeping a few spot colours on the models so they’re not completely bland, but limiting it to blue-white eye lenses (which I’m reasoning could be switched down during insertion missions) and purity seals (they’ll be a dull red, which in twilight looks grey anyway).
 The parchment and scrolls are currently quite pale, but will be dulled down with washes once I’ve applied the text to them. I’m also working on a short piece of fiction to give them background for the Dirty Sevens event, and will be modelling up more scenic bases for them to inhabit.

Battle Report
Well they say pride comes before a fall, so when my opponent asked me to confirm that the Iron Fists are undefeated in non-carnage games I should have known what was coming.

I played Orks, in a vanguard deployment with the Scouring mission. I split my bike squads up, and replaced the tactical combat squad with a bike chaplain, who joined the captain and his command squad.

Things clearly weren’t going to go well for me from the off when my opponent got all the high scoring objectives, and turn 1 I pretty much had to charge into combat with my melta squad, having blown up a truck full of nobz (I figured it was better to charge than be charged). Clearly that didn’t work out well for me, and the second squad behind also provided very little speed bump materiel. The only bright side was that the command squad (once they got there, having lost a power sword marine to a single wound, which I failed to save) ripped into them nicely, scattering them to the four winds. By the end of turn 2, I had a single model left from my troops units, and no realistic prospect of wiping out my opponent (he had a troops dreadnought hiding on an objective out of sight for the whole game, and his warboss tucked away in a building that nothing short of a heldrake was going to winkle him out of. My Storm Talon didn’t arrive until turn 4 (this seems to be a theme, it either comes in on turn 2 or waits until turn 4) and my stalker, despite needing only ‘3’s to hit and being twin linked, managed only a single hit on the dakkajet (a 5 and three 1’s, which when re-rolled came up as three 1’s again!).

I don’t mean to blame my defeat on my dice, I made tactical mistakes right across the board, from taking the chaplain in exchange for the tactical squad, to deploying too close to the orks and not concentrating my fire enough on his troops. That being said, even my opponent commented that at times my rolling for power armour saves seemed more like wych armour, whilst his 4+/feel no pain combo barely let a single wound through.

In conclusion though, my opponent played the mission very well, and I definitely need to learn not to get too cocky!

Finally then before I sign off, I’m going to introduce a new section to the blog, and that’s what we’ve got planned and what’s happening at MAD Wargaming.

Currently we’re heading inevitably towards the climax of the 40k – It’s War campaign, a linked series of three games played between two teams of four. Each of the 8 games in the first two rounds has given a bonus to the winning army/team, and the Forces of Order, of which the Iron Fists are part, have taken 7 wins from the 8 games. That puts us in a good position for the finale, which will be two games of 2v2 at 1500 pts per player with missions etc determined randomly on the night. Total number of victory points per team will determine the outcome and I’m teaming up with an Imperial Guard army to take on a combined force of Tau/Dark Eldar. The other game sees Guard and Tyranids (don’t ask!) take on rebel guard and Chaos Marines.

In and amongst the campaign, we have a Tale of Four Gamers going on for fantasy, with Ogres, High Elves, Lizardmen and Vampire Counts. March lists are up to 750 points with each participant player the other three over the course of the month.

And next on my list is the Dirty Sevens Kill Team event on the 13th (hopefully) – 7 players play 6 games each of Kill Team over the course of the evening, with the winner retaining the title for three months until the next event. Sadly we’ve had a couple of withdrawals this time, but I’m hoping we’ll get replacement players thus avoiding us having to re-schedule.

And finally, we’ve still got the MAD League Bloodbowl running, though a second team has now withdrawn as he’s not local and is no longer available on club nights. Still plenty of mileage in this however, and it’s tight, with no one team running away with things (yet).

Right, that's me done for the evening, see you all next time when I've got some thoughts on theming your army lists.

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