Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday update

Hi all and welcome to another Monday in my hobby world. I generally use Mondays as a time to look both back and forward, back at what painting etc I've managed in the last seven days, and forward at what's coming up over the next seven.

Limited painting progress this week I'm afraid to say however, I managed a few little updates to my kill team but nothing major, needs to be finished by Thursday though so could be a late one this week!

What I did manage to achieve though was to sort through many of the models I've had earmarked for my iron fists collection, attaching heads, arms and guns to get them ready for painting and looking a bit more like crusaders. As such I've now got three full tactical squads ready to go, along with my terminator captain (possibly my favourite marine model of all time) and quite a lot of terminators (23 to be precise) awaiting a new can of undercoat.

Next up for sorting will be my assault marines, as I've got plenty of them sat around waiting to be used. Who knows, I might even look at updating a couple of razorbacks too.

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