Friday, 21 March 2014

What do your dice say about you?

What do your dice say about you?

Hi all, extra bonus post for you this week, as I've just taken delivery of some new dice and I've been thinking quite a bit about them since last week's nightmare.

First off then, let's find out what kind of dicer you are?

How superstitious are you?
I fall into the 'very' camp here, but restrained by cost. I've always just used the dice that came in the boxed games I've bought until membership if the dark city forum gave me the chance to buy some dark eldar tailored dice, with a special symbol to replace the '6'. First game in at my club, and I brought my lovely dice, but used them with marines. Bad move, my lascannon hit once in the whole game, and everything else wasn't much better. I've never used those dice with marines again, they sit in my bag every week and only come out when the Kabal is on the table.

One thing I don't usually do though is to discard dice because of a bad roll, which is something I see quite a bit of. Need a 2+ and roll a one? Lots of players will put that die aside and take their next roll using a different one. It's not something I've ever gone for though, perhaps my brain thinks that using the same dice again will mean they're more likely to roll better next time as they've 'used up' their bad roll?

Finally there's the option, if you have enough different dice of course, to always use the same type for the same weapon. What I mean here is that you always use red dice for lascannons, or blue ones for plasma etc. I've not much experience of seeing this on the table, and until this latest delivery I didn't have enough different types to roll that way, but I'm sure there are people out there who do!

How do you roll?

We've all seen it, the idiosyncratic roller who always uses the same action to roll their dice.

People from my club will recognise these rolls I'm sure, so I'd just like to make the point here that this section is not a criticism of anyone, simply an observation.

There are four particular styles I've seen that stand out in my time. The first I'm going to call the 'tablecloth roller'. The player in question holds the dice out in front, with an angled wrist, and after a pause, quickly whips their hand out from under the fistful of dice like a magician taking a cloth from off a table covered in crockery.

Second, the 'bomber'. Everything here starts normally until the actual throw, where the die skyrockets above head height, plunging down to the table and representing a very real threat of decapitation to the models in question.

Third, the lazy roller. This involves picking the dice up just far enough so that when they hit the table again, they actually roll instead of landing flat on the same facing.

Fourthly, and in no way least of these types, is the 'OCD' roller, who very carefully gathers up the dice, placing a splayed hand on the table and rolling up against it so that they stay on the table.

I'm sure I have my own quirks that my regular opponents will have noticed, including the 'one-die bogey flick' when called upon to make a roll with a single die (usually when I can't be bothered to stand up or reach over the table). I'd love to hear from anyone who has a particular other method, or has noticed me rolling dice in a weird way!

How many dice do you own?

Well I now have two sets of 36 for use with normal 40k games, tailored in some way to my armies (one by colour, which includes a D20 for counting victory points, the other by symbol), a pair of Norse dice for use with my bloodbowl team, 9 spare coloured D6's for identifying alternate weapons, and a mixed bag of standard white and red GW dice that have come with the various boxed games I've bought over the years. I have plans to expand my collection eventually to incorporate a dice set for each army I collect, including D20's to tally up victory points and alternative colour dice to differentiate special and heavy weapons.

Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?
Ironically, even after last week's poor showing, I don't consider myself an unlucky roller. I do however consider myself an extreme roller, as my rolling tends to be either extremely good, or extremely bad, and I very rarely have an 'average' rolling day. Just to illustrate, not only have I managed to fail 6 terminator saves out of 8 I had to make, I've also rolled three '1's with a quad gun, only to re-roll and roll three '1's again. At the other end of the spectrum however, I've downed two heldrakes in my time by rolling a 6 to hit, 6 to penetrate and 6 to destroy, and when 'test rolling' my new dice I rolled half a dozen of them, with all of them coming up '6'.

I love my new dice.

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  1. I play IG so I need way more than just two sets. I have three :p

    I use their colors to represent different weapons in a unit to speed up rolling. Helps a lot when the shooting phase already takes so long.