Monday, 28 April 2014

Still brushing away

Morning all, Monday again eh? Well I've been remiss in my updates recently, I'm blaming holiday and illness.

Now I know this picture looks a lot like the last update for the iron fists, but I can assure you it's different, the reason being that I'm mainly now onto highlights and minor details with them. To account for that, here are a few closer shots of some if the models in the above picture.

Epistolary Noboru, and Sergeants Etsuko and Taichi

Specialists Itsuki and Makoto

Heavy Gunners Kimiko and Taro

Brothers Kaede, Hikari and Naoki

Brothers Michiko, Haruto and Wakana

Brothers Yoshiko, Junko and Haru

Brothers Natsuki, Hiroto and Ren

Brothers Aki and Minako

I'm really hoping to have these two squads finished this week, they've dragged on horribly because I've only been able to snatch the odd hour or so to work on them, though I did relent at one point and do something a little more interesting, which is this...
Again with all the detail work required I'd say he's about half finished, but that's better than not started at all, right?