Monday, 19 May 2014

Actual visible painting progress to report!

Morning all, struggling to contain my hobby excitement here today as not only have I developed my painting style to be a little faster than before, I've also got 7th edition pre-ordered and ready for collection from Warhammer world on Saturday. 

This is a first for me therefore, as whilst I got the 6th edition rulebook on release day it was delivered to my house and I then spent rest of the weekend away. This time there'll be no mistakes, I've bargained some time with my good lady wife to go over to Warhammer world to pick the book up, and I'm going with a mate from my club so we can pore over the rules together before having a small game to try things out.

With that in mind, I spent half an hour or so yesterday making sure my collection was organised into the correct boxes with no stray models anywhere, then last night I started putting the base coat on the only one not usable - and it's one I'd definitely like to try.
The ironclad dreadnought. I've long had a love for dreadnoughts, well, marine ones at least! I'd love to be able to field an entire army of them in fact, but until now it's not been possible. Now though I can certainly see myself picking up a few kits here and there to boost my collection.

For now though this is my one model for the iron fists, and so far I've basically limited myself to putting on the majority of the base coat, there are a couple of areas of blue, and the silver still to do before I can wash it. I've also picked out the parts I want to use on the base, trying to represent the myria ways a dreadnought has of killing the enemy by burying a fire warrior under its foot. Some gore will be required in the paint job here I think, blue gore of course!

For my 'default' army, I've continued work on the bikes I started last week, and the progress has mainly been on the riders this week, you can see where I've got to in the main picture above. As to what remains, I need to put the edge highlights on gold and blue, and paint in the chapter and company badges, then they're ready for varnishing.

Finally, with the rumoured changes to vehicle damage, I thought my razorbacks may see the light of day occasionally, so started base coating one of them.
Some conversion work is required here as I want to equip them with assault cannons, which some friends are kindly donating to the cause.

Hopefully next week you'll see plenty more progress, as I should have a good amount of time on Thursday to get some painting done, though somehow I doubt I'll achieve as much as I think I'm going to.