Monday, 7 July 2014

So much progress my eyes are bleeding!

Hi all, welcome to another painting update for my iron fists - and boy have I got a lot done this week for you to see!

What inspired this frenzy of hobby activity I hear you ask? Well, quite simply I had the entirety of Saturday to myself, so I got my head down and after 9-10 hours painting (with the odd break for food etc) I finally gave up at half twelve on Sunday morning. Progress was a bit slower than I had hoped, though I'm blaming the fact that my pot of Balthasar gold was thickening up and making it more difficult to apply.

So without further ado, what have I managed to get painted?

Well nothing is finished, but here are the terminators I'd started last week, plus a few more.
This gives me a full squad with alternate weapon options if I want them.

Next up, the bikes - these are the cornerstone of my main 1500pt list, so once this squad is finished I'll be much happier (I don't like using unpainted models).
And then I also decided on Saturday to give some assault marines a bit of love - I know this isn't the heady days of fifth edition when combat was king, but to my mind assault marines are an integral part of the marine ethos and I want plenty in my collection!
The eagle eyed amongst you will notice there's no sergeant in that squad, and that it's only nine men strong.

Well here he is, just a bit of work on his base and he'll be completed.
Till next time, hope you enjoyed looking at these guys as much as I'm enjoying painting them!