Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Vengeance of the heretics

Hi all, bit of a change from my usual Monday fare, for two reasons - one, haven't made any real progress painting this week, and two, I spent this evening playing a return match against the guard I beat in 7th edition release day.

I took the iron fists again, though this time thanks to my forgetful mind I was without my ironclad dreadnought, as I'd lent it to a guy from club last week and forgot to recover it before I left.

Probably that was my biggest mistake in this game, which was really tight in the end.

We played the crusade mission with four objectives down the length of the table, with most of the objectives in the central portion. 

The early turns saw little significant exchanges, and first blood wasn't secured until turn three - my bike squads surged forward and the captains squad made it into combat, but then the guard astropaths managed to manifest invisibility on the conscripts he was fighting, who were also fearless. Consequently, that combat ran on and on, only ending towards the end of the game, albeit still with enough time for the captain to wipe out another guard unit.

The vindicator and whirlwind, which were drafted in to replace the ironclad, performed reasonably well, though the deployment type hampered the whirlwind for range, and neither caused so much damage they were game changers.

The centurions once again were my men of the match, taking down two flyers, as well as several guardsmen when given no other targets.

The tactical squad and librarian made it halfway up the board before the guard reserves dropped into their faces, the multiple plasma, melta and hotshot las weapons causing so many casualties they were ineffective and eventually wiped out in combat.

In the final turns, the guard reserves secured the two central objectives, and though the captain was valiantly slaughtering his way through the guard rearguard, to be joined by the remaining bike squad, he couldn't do enough damage to claim their home objective.

In the end then, I lost 10-5. Had the captain managed to secure the objective, I would have had an 8-5 victory!

Next time Ryan, next time!