Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A big batch of nearly-finished!

Hi all - I've been really bitten by the painting big again this week, spurred on by a nomination amongst a group of my friends to finish three sternguard models by Saturday.

The concept is simple, there are six of us - and you are nominate to finish painting a certain number of models by a certain time - complete the task an you can nominate someone else - fail and you must complete a fine before you can nominate again. Here are the three I finished 

Of course that left me with a dilemma - I now have three finished sternguard and seven unpainted for the unit. In came two more models to my painting list to make up a min sized unit. I've also found myself recently cursing the fact that one of my painted tactical squads incorporates a flamer and a multi melta - instead of the melta and multi melta I'd planned for. This was to allow me to use them in a 500pt game, but has left me since then with 1 unpainted model in the unit. So in came that guy. I love painting characters, and though my chapter master isn't quite finished I keep looking at my terminator captain model lying there unfinished, so I added him to the pile - and just to finish off I decided to reward my scouts, who won me my game on Thursday incidentally, with a paint job. Added to the part finished assault squad and bike squad that left me with a pretty pile of painting, and reading the assassins codex on Saturday made me add my vindicare to that as well.

So here we go, this is the painting pile at the moment - this must all be done before I start anything else!

So over the last three days I've been beavering away, and all of those models are now up to the same stage, with the agrax earthshade wash layer applied.
Yes, there are Necrons in there too, but the wash is their first layer so I figured I'd apply it whilst the pot was open.

Look out for more finished models in the near future then!