Monday, 11 August 2014

Back in the hotseat!

Hello there fans and followers, the eye is back, and it's burning bright once more!

Well after a relaxing and refreshing holiday in the Balearics, I spent some well deserved time with the family before diving back into hobby goodness.

Since i returned, I've played two games of 40k with the Iron Fists, winning them both - one against MJ's Grey Knights and the other a doubles game with an Imperial Guard Tank List against an abomination of Chaos Marines and MJ's Grey Knights once more (i knew that legend about none of them ever being corrupted was false!)

In terms of painting, when I left you I was in the middle of terminators, the second bike squad and a unit of assault marines. Since then, I've...made absolutely no progress on those models whatsoever.

What I have managed though is to make a start on my honour guard, who I'd just finished converting, and a pair of land speeder typhoons that I'm eager to try out having re-read the rules for them over the weekend (they can deep strike!)

Without further ado then, here are the various stages of painting that the Iron Fists vehicles go through - I may expand on this at some later stage and do a full breakdown, but for now it's just pics.

Base coat of 'the fang'

First layer stage, where I've applied the basic blue, gold and silver.

The models have now been washed all over to dirty down the crevices.

First layer stage post-wash where the blue and a lighter gold are applied.

Almost finished, the details are all highlighted, I've just got the main armour edge highlights to do.

I've also got the majority of work done on this guy, who is going to be used as Chapter Master Sagat when he shows up for work in Artificer Armour and not Terminator Armour.
I used Sagat and the Honour Guard in the doubles game and even though the deployment didn't help them particularly, meaning they only got into combat late on, they performed really well, taking down the majority of a squad of Grey Knight Terminators when fighting together, and the Honour Guard munched their way through a full squad of Plague Marines after Sagat had left them to go Defiler-hunting (it was immobilised so I was hitting its rear armour!)

Well that's all the painting progress I've got for you this week, see you again tomorrow hopefully when I've got a tactical plan I've been working on to share with you all (and yes, it involves the land speeders)