Monday, 18 August 2014

Even the dead should be pretty!

Hi all, welcome to my weekly painting update - though I had a busy week last week so didn't manage as much progress as I'd have liked. When I left you on Monday I had been working hard on a land speeder in order to get it finished for a) a game I played on Thursday, and b) a challenge I'd been set by friends. Well I'm pleased to say it was finished in time, and the other speeder was close enough to completion I didn't have to proxy it!

Due to social commitments however I didn't get to do any more painting until last night. There's been a lot of talk recently about the remaining 40k codices still to move to hardback, and sadly it looks like I've got three of the four - blood angels, Necrons and dark eldar! Still, it'll give me plenty of inspiration at the end of the year to paint other parts of my collection, so I need to make sure my marines are as complete as possible by the time those codices drop.

In the meantime however, I've been trying to figure out what to do with my Necrons, despite initially being happy with the red scheme I'd completed on the stalker, I've gone off it in the intervening period, so I needed something different. After much pondering, I settled on a very pale scheme, mimicking the pre-heresy death guard colours to some extent using pallid wych flesh and a combination of washes.

Here's the first test mini and I think it's worked really well, I can definitely see me with an entire army painted this way.
I still need to tweak the red, which is way too bright at present, but this is a good start in my mind.

Added to that then, I made a concerted effort to get some visible progress in on my second iron fists bike squad. Now I don't often say this, but I think painting bikes is my least favourite part of this army - probably not good news that I'm picking up three more scout bikes from a friend next time I see him then eh? Still, here are the riders of the second squad, ready for highlights and details.
I've also made the tiniest amount of progress on my honour guard squad (I've painted all the blades in their base silver) and started top coating the assault squad - keep an eye open for pics next week along with more progress with the bikes I hope!

Tomorrow's tactics article will be a re-written list for the Sobekhotep Dynasty.