Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Re-forging a dynasty

Ok I'll admit it, there have been a few false starts with my Necron collection, including two discarded colour schemes and several lists to be re-written.

Today therefore I'm going to talk you through my thinking about the latest incarnation of Phaeron Sobekhotep's legions.

Following the changes from 6th to 7th I pretty much tore up and threw away my last list - in particular the changes to scoring and vehicle damage made it redundant.

So what do I want from my list then, what are key ingredients to winning games?

Well first you need resilience (or a lot of bodies) to weather your opponents fire, second you need mobility, as there is no longer a guarantee of objectives in your deployment zone, and third, you need either withering firepower or real combat punch, to clear other units off objectives.

Necrons themselves are the very epitome of resilient, their re animation protocols being a pseudo feel no pain, and with immortals as troops, T5 makes that even tougher.

Night scythes also bring mobility other factions can only dream of, though I'd avoid using too many as they come across as being the choice of the beards gamer.

Finally firepower - not something Necrons are short of, the main limitations to their guns being quite short range and limited access to genuine anti tank (I don't rate S10 weapons as anti tank, penetrating hits are too rare against AV13 and 14, with no guarantee of significant damage.

So what choices did I make and how did I go about putting the list together?

I almost never use special characters, so my choices here were limited to the overlord or destroyer lord. Anyone who's read the chariot rules in 7th edition though knows well that they are seriously tough, and with the owner being able to allocate shooting hits, you can make sure than melta weapons etc aren't going to cause you too much of a problem. As someone who's used reaver jetbikes bladevane attacks, the sweep attacks are awesome, especially when you consider that the warscythe makes the warlord S7 and AP1, and can then charge in the following assault phase too.

I'm a big believer in tough troops, particularly now they can secure objectives in preference to other units from the force org, it's a win win really, either your opponent focuses on getting rid of them, in which case your own support units are free to cause havoc, or they ignore them, in which case they can win you the game.

I wanted a manoeuvrable unit here, so took a ten strong squad of immortals with gauss blasters in a night scythe - these guys bring serious firepower and are tough to put down.

Backing that up I also took two smaller units of six immortals with tesla carbines, they would generally stay out of harms way and head surreptitiously for objectives.

Boosting my all round firepower I took a Triarch stalker - it's the only model in the whole codex with a melta weapon and it's boost to shooting for my other units could prove a game changer.

I needed something to deal with hordes though, so looked into the heavy support section and picked up a pair of annihilation barges. I have these the gauss support weapon option as it's AP3, and the loss of potential extra shots are more than compensated for against power armour armies!

I still had a few points to play with though, and with only one dedicated anti tank gun in the army I needed something else - that was when i reread the rules for warscythes, and the S7 attacks with armourbane from a Lychguard unit were too good to miss. They should take down most tanks for me, so to make sure they had the chance I put them in a night scythe.

Finally then I picked a unit of deathmarks - I know I've previously stated I couldn't really see a use for them, but with the Triarch stalker around they could potentially put a lot of wounds onto a unit, and having been hurt by eldar bladestorm last game, I understand that rending shots can be huge!

So there you have it, 1500 points of undead goodness, with all the bases covered. Till next time!