Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Where do I expect to go with DE if the rumours are correct

Hi all.

Today I’m going to be looking at the rumours for the new Dark Eldar codex, and using them to look at putting together a cohesive strategy for the Dark Eldar going forward – I’ve read much in the last few days from naysayers and pessimists that the codex is nerfing the Dark Kin hard, and taking away all the ‘flavour’ from the codex, so I’m going to put forward what I see as the optimistic, constructive point of view.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Brushes working overtime

Morning all, time to update you all on my painting progress once more, and this week has certainly been an eclectic one!

Above is my original emperors champion model, which is up for sale on eBay to the highest bidder


With all the dark eldar rumours fizzing around the internet I've decided to unbox the Kabal of the Burning Eye too, with a view to using them on the tabletop once more. My codex is on order and so my raiders need some attention!

I decided that with a new edition I needed a new colour scheme or them, and whilst I was happy with the style, I'm changing up the spot colour (which should also mean the finished models will be fairly quick to update).

Here are some pictures of my painting station at the moment!

This was on Friday, below are some detailed pics of my progress since then.

Hopefully there'll be plenty of progress this week and I'll have some finished models to show you next Monday!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Preparing to raid realspace

There's no way I could let this weekend go by without making some comment on all the dark eldar rumours that are doing the rounds.

It was the dark eldar who really rekindled my love for the hobby after several years stagnating with no games and my painting being sporadic at best (PS3 may have contributed to this!)

I didn't manage to play them in fifth, and after a 12 year break from gaming it's fair to say that my games were not hugely successful under the sixth ruleset. I parked them on a shelf in my garage while I concentrated on bringing the iron fists up to standard, both in terms of selection and painting standard. They're nearly there though now so this week I broke out the Kabal of the Burning Eye and began re-touching their appearance.

I have to say that one of the main reasons I shelved the DE was the difficulty I had getting my units anywhere near their threat range (combination of tau players and lack of experience on my part).

In no particular order here are the rumours I'm really pleased to see, in the hopes of making my beloved Kabal a force to be reckoned with.

-deep strike for raiders and venoms. My raiders rarely ever survived to get in range or the splinter rifles on them to do any damage, and when they exploded they frequently took most of the squad with them. I took to using the duke to let me deep strike them, but the fact that sixth meant they could only snap shoot the turn they arrived really hurt.
-court changing to remove minimum numbers of models, and medusa eye burst being S4 AP3 template. I can certainly see a real use for the court now, DE really suffered for not having many reliable template weapons but now the court can really deal with hordes.
-detachment allowing 6 fast attack choices. Particularly if there is a points drop, I can really see me using this as my basic detachment, especially if the razor wing becomes FA too!
- mandrakes having baleblast from turn 1. They were unusable previously, I got lucky once and took down a tau hq, but the models deserve more, and this should make the viable, even if they don't get a decent combat weapon.

I'm disappointed there doesn't seem to have been an option to help wyches into combat (that we've seen so far), but if they can take their invun against overwatch that's all I could ask for.

I've pre-ordered my codex so I'll be poring over it and writing a series of review posts just as soon as it's in my hands!


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A day behind, but some scouts done for you!

Hi all,
yes, I realise my progress posts are normally Mondays, but I'm running behind this week. I've been working on various bits and bobs recently, but these scouts are the main thing.

Next up is an original limited edition emperors champion model, that I'm going to put up for auction on eBay once it's finished - just look out for it over the weekend, username widgetnick.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The survivor series begins

Greetings all, I'm back from the wilderness (well, Cornwall) and this week I'm going to introduce you to the brainchild of one of the members of our gaming club.

Frank first attended the club the same night as myself, and he also runs a blog over at 'The Eternal Wargamer'. He's more of a gamer and fluff bunny than a painter though, and in order to motivate himself, he devised the survivor series over on the Astronomican forum.

The basic principle is to push participants to paint regularly over a period of time, the idea being that sustained painting brings results. We began the first MAD survivor series on Saturday, with participants posting up pictures of the first set of models they were to concentrate on. I decided on a squad of marine scouts. Here's my pre-series pictures.
I know they are already started, but the idea behind the series is not to necessarily start from scratch, but to show continued progress over time.

There are five of us participating this time, and we each need to post progress pictures every three days to compare with the previous pictures to show our progress. Anyone not posting these pictures for whatever reason is knocked out, and after 20 posting days anyone still posting is declared to be the survivor. Should 4 participants drop out before this time the last remaining is declared the winner.

I've got one more day to paint before I need to post anything, but here are the scouts in their current state.
So there you have it - if you're interested why not head over to our forum to check it out (madwargaming.proboards.com) or have a look at the eternal wargamers blog.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Painting progress and schedule changes

Hi all, I decided to have a good look today at my marine collection, so here it is all set out in one place. That's a 4'x2' board it's sitting on, and I've worked it out as being approximately 6200 points when you take into account wargear.

Painting progress this week has been limited i'm afraid, as all day Saturday was spent having a gaming day with friends.

I have made some progress though, and this morning I got these guys close to being done - they just need the chapter and company badges detailing and the bases finishing.
I'm off on holiday for a week now though so there won't be any painting progress next week, and other posts may be limited.