Monday, 15 September 2014

The survivor series begins

Greetings all, I'm back from the wilderness (well, Cornwall) and this week I'm going to introduce you to the brainchild of one of the members of our gaming club.

Frank first attended the club the same night as myself, and he also runs a blog over at 'The Eternal Wargamer'. He's more of a gamer and fluff bunny than a painter though, and in order to motivate himself, he devised the survivor series over on the Astronomican forum.

The basic principle is to push participants to paint regularly over a period of time, the idea being that sustained painting brings results. We began the first MAD survivor series on Saturday, with participants posting up pictures of the first set of models they were to concentrate on. I decided on a squad of marine scouts. Here's my pre-series pictures.
I know they are already started, but the idea behind the series is not to necessarily start from scratch, but to show continued progress over time.

There are five of us participating this time, and we each need to post progress pictures every three days to compare with the previous pictures to show our progress. Anyone not posting these pictures for whatever reason is knocked out, and after 20 posting days anyone still posting is declared to be the survivor. Should 4 participants drop out before this time the last remaining is declared the winner.

I've got one more day to paint before I need to post anything, but here are the scouts in their current state.
So there you have it - if you're interested why not head over to our forum to check it out ( or have a look at the eternal wargamers blog.