Thursday, 6 November 2014

So I've been a bit busy recently.

But I have managed to get some time in on my incubi squad - as you can see they're coming along nicely! Here are some close ups:

All I need now is an excuse to use them on the tabletop! 

I have a game coming up tomorrow, my first game with a serious dark eldar list that isn't all about play testing units.

It's a 1500pt game and my list is pretty general, and shooting based. I'm up against guard, including Pask in a punisher, an exterminator and four wyverns, with two vendettas.

I'm taking a succubus with archite glaive, wwp and 4 grotesques in a raider, two warrior gunboats with night shields and splinter racks, 5 scourges with haywire blasters, 6 reavers with blasters and caltrops, a razorwing with lances and necrotoxin missiles, two talos with ichor injectors and haywire blasters, and a dark lance ravager. 

I'm also testng out using battle chronicler to do a map report, so look out for that over the weekend.

Till next time!