Monday, 10 November 2014

Spreading the love of eldar!

Hi all, well after my battle report last night I promised you all some painting progress pictures, and here they are!

First up is my competition entry for a painting comp I'm organising at my club (don't worry I'm not doing the judging as well!)
This is the first of two talos on the painting table for the coven of distorted perfection, and features a dead fire warriors on the base (I do love killing tau!)

It's only base coats done so far I'm afraid, though works continues apace on the layer details!

And second therefore, if the dark eldar are not your cup of tea, here's my wraithlord!
This is the first model of my eldar project, 'The Revenant' and once it's done will be supplemented by a pair of wraithlords in the same style.

Hope you like!
C&c welcome as ever!