Thursday, 29 January 2015

The iron fists are back, baby!

Hi all - sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've been working hard on getting the scourge unit finished - it should be ready for next week's progress update.

In the meantime, after my delve into the dark eldar I'm taking a bit of a gaming hiatus from the evil ones, in the form of a campaign at club - The Desolation of Delta Tao.

It's basically an escalation campaign with a bit of a twist - each player gets a base camp, which provides an in-game benefit (boosting flier to hit rolls, artillery strike etc) and every player has finite resources. That means that the final game will involve all the participants and only use the surviving models from the earlier rounds.

Tonight we kick things off with a kill team game, with the winners picking territories. If more than two players pick the same territory then they meet in a 500pt game to determine who claims it (the other players will also play 500pt games against a semi-random opponent, people won't play each other twice in a row) I'm then hoping we'll be able to fit in a 750pt match as well, which should gives us a great start to the campaign.

Let's hope I'm not too rusty with the boys in blue!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 8, month 2, dark eldar blog wars project.

Hi all, welcome to my weekly painting progress post - once again I'm updating on progress with my dark eldar army - 1850 pts and written for the blog wars tournament coming up in June.

So last week I left off with an almost-finished raider, the last model of my January painting vow. I'm pleased to say it's finished (above), and I've just got 3 more raider chassis vehicles to do (plus two more that aren't in the blog wars list!)

Next up then I can make a head start on February's vow, which is 10 scourges and a ravager - I made a very brief start on some of the scourge wings last week, but I've made a lot more progress since then. I actually completely lost track of time painting these guys on Saturday night, having finished the wash layer I checked my watch and saw it was half eleven. 'Ok, plenty of time to do the base blue layer' I thought. Putting my brush down upon finishing I discover it's 12:45, and my daughter is going to be demanding breakfast in about five hours, EEK!

I've converted some of these guys as I don't have enough of the original scourge weapons to equip the squads how I like, so I'll run down the changes as we go.

First up, the heat lance squad, and the squad leader who is built straight from the box. This is the model that's furthest along - the armour layering took longer than I'd expected at lunchtime today but the metallics are done, and the armour just needs the edge highlight. Blues are still just basecoated so need two more layers.

Then we have my favourite conversion of the squad, using the dark lance arms from the kabalite warrior kit and the heat lance from a reaver jetbike. 

Next up is the basic heat lance from the kit

And then a conversion using a shredder

Finally, and I'm sorry to say, I genuinely can't remember which parts I used to make this guy.

For the second squad, the leader has a wych arm

These two are shard carbine conversions, this time using a haywire blaster from the talos kit.

And then two basic haywire blasters straight from the box.

I also basecoated the ravager this week.

Oh, and having finally laid my hands on the edge paint, I finished the flame detail on my wraith knight torso, just for a bit of a change!

I also finished building his base.

Tune in next week for more pics, I would like to have at least one scourge unit completed by then!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Terrain progress!

Hi all, so I promised you some terrain pics following my progress - I have to say I'm really pleased with how far I've got in the last couple of days from some pretty basic beginnings!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Week 7, Month 2, Dark Eldar Blogwars 9 project

So another week further along the line and what do I have to report?

Well first, after the recent blitz, it's been a comparatively slow week. My mother in law had a significant birthday on Saturday so the whole family arrived on Friday afternoon via tantalus transport (a lot of stuff needing transport for a two-day trip, including the pet khymerae!).

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Kabal of the Burning Eye - finished photos!

Hi all - here's a bonus post for you - I had the chance to take some decent pictures the other night, so here is everything I've for finished for the Kabal of the Burning Eye, finished off using pixlr o matic to add borders/effects.

First up, The Scorpion

Next, the scarab, transport for Kraxis' vipers

Archon Y'Los Dalur, leader of the Kabal

Kraxis' Vipers

The Vanishing Death

The raiding party so far - I've calculated it's about 36% of the finished army once you add in Urien ( couldn't be arsed to go and fetch him to photo properly, he was on my painting desk instead of in the garage).

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Building a modular terrain table

Hi all, welcome to my 'sporadic' post series, Terrain Tuesday!

I figured starting a blog series would help keep me motivated, as whilst I have a partially finished table in my garage, it's warped pretty badly and isn't capable of being stored away, which was the original point.

Now my terrain pieces were intended just to drop into the board on 12" square bases, and this got me thinking - why bother with the main board, I could just build up the whole board using those 12" square pieces. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Week 6, month 2, dark eldar blogwars 9 project.

Right, another week on, one week less till blogwars! Well I've had quite a productive week this week!

So why have I done in the last week?

Well for the official painting progress chart, I've finished the warrior squad.
Apologies for the lighting, I will take and post up some nicer pics once I've got time to set them up.

Friday, 9 January 2015

How to paint purple - the Burning Eye way

Hey all, since I started re-painting my dark eldar Kabal, I've had loads of comments about the purple (well, a few. Ok two) and how I go about it. So here we go - my recipe for purple. Or more specifically the various different purple that I use (and yes, there are three different mixes here).

First off then let's look at the vehicles. So the three different purples are applied to these areas:
1. The sail.
2. The pilot and gunner.
3. The armour panels and sail support assembly.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dark Eldar codex (2014) review part 3 - Elites

So here's the delayed part 3 of my codex review - Elites. This post is split into two parts, starting with Incubi, Mandrakes and Wracks and finishing with Grotesques, Trueborn and Bloodbrides later.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Week 5, month 2, blog wars 9 project

New year, new look! 
Hi all, as I've said before, this blog was started by my desire to catalogue the progress I was making with my dark eldar, and while my reintroduction to gaming meant I switched to marines for a while, I'm now firmly back in the dark eldar seat, and a new colour scheme for them means an update to the look of the blog - hope you like!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Not another review of the year!

Here’s my little review of the year then – both from a personal hobby and blog perspective.