Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Terrain progress!

Hi all, so I promised you some terrain pics following my progress - I have to say I'm really pleased with how far I've got in the last couple of days from some pretty basic beginnings!

First of all, let's look at what I've got completed for the club scenery I'm working on - we bought some amera buildings a while back and I have to be honest, we've done very little with them since then, some are still in the packaging they came in. The next project we had was some boards that could be kept at our venue and assembled on the night rather than playing on plain tables, some covered with the old gw battle mats.

Now during a completely unrelated discussion before Christmas, I got an inadvertent kick up the backside from a friend about them, so decided to make some progress early this year.

First up then, I posted these yesterday but I'm really proud of the result so I'm going to show you again!

This is one of the amera buildings finished. It's been sprayed with a stone effect textured spray paint, then primed plain black, and drybrushed with three different colours. They're not gw range, just tester pots from the local store, cheap and cheerful, but water based so no problem washing out brushes.

Pretty effective I think you'll agree?

Next up then is the second building - in a less advanced state, but better than falling apart as it has been until now

The string was simply to hold it in place until the glue set (rapid setting my arse!)

And finally on the club front, the textured boards - here are two finished and slotted together, there is a third done but I didn't have space to attach it. They're held together by simple dowels that push in to holes drilled in the adjacent board.

They've just had sand glued on, been painted black and then drybrushed using the same paints as the building.

So onto the more personal project and my modular boards - you've seen the progress on the bastion, and the overall plan - how is it coming along?

Well as I mentioned I'd already got a few boards built with bits of terrain on them, so I've basically just been working on them. Some brush on grey primer (same store as the tester pots of emulsion), and a nice big pot of Vallejo black wash (200ml size) and the 4 previously finished pieces just need a couple of drybrushed layers to be ready.

Added to that, I'd also already got an amera ruined building, which I've sprayed with texture spray and mounted on a base I had spare, and the first 6 pieces of my board are well on the way to being finished!

Here's a photo of them all together, though the bastion top is elsewhere.

Speak to you soon!



  1. To give you an idea of the quality of your boards...i thought they were secret weapon tablescapes for a second. Then I realized they have a lot more depth to them. Should be proud of that work!

  2. those are looking really good Nick. I really like the boards you are doing. they will be great to game on once finished. There is nothing better than playing on a board with well painted terrain and scenery. It really helps bring the game alive more