Monday, 19 January 2015

Week 7, Month 2, Dark Eldar Blogwars 9 project

So another week further along the line and what do I have to report?

Well first, after the recent blitz, it's been a comparatively slow week. My mother in law had a significant birthday on Saturday so the whole family arrived on Friday afternoon via tantalus transport (a lot of stuff needing transport for a two-day trip, including the pet khymerae!).

What that meant of course is that painting time over the weekend was severely limited, albeit for the best of causes (hope you had a great time Caz, you seemed to enjoy it!).

Still, when I left you last week there were a few things not quite finished.

For those of you who've seen the finished pics post, you'll probably have noticed that the venom is complete:

Urien is also done:

And I've finished the painstaking scrollwork on the raider armour panels. I'm hoping to have the raider finished this week, though with two weeks left in the month still I've got plenty of time, and no more away trips planned.

Confident that the raider will be done, I began working on some of February's list, and on Sunday night (not feeling up to detailed line painting) I began drybrushing the scourges wings. I've so far done only the feathered ones (2 are finished, the other four only have the first two coats done), they are being painted in the same style as the raider's sails, whilst the bat wings, which I haven't started will be detailed like flesh.

In other work, you'll see what progress I'm making on my terrain tomorrow - it's coming on nicely, though I did finish this piece tonight for my club.

Till tomorrow!