Sunday, 1 February 2015

Campaign battle report - Iron Fists vs Chaos, Space Wolves and Astra Militarum

Hi all - here's a nice little weekend post for you all - a quick report on the three games I played last week.

Now some of you may know my club is just starting an escalation campaign call the Desolation of Delta Tao (I gave a brief explanation of the concept here ).

The first three games took place on Thursday night (well, one of the 750pt games is still to be played) and I'm pleased to say that yours truly is currently leading things (it won't last I'm sure).

I'm running things in such a way that the overall winner will be the player who has accumulated the most Victory Points over the 7 games (we're thinking of adding an eighth game at the end just for fun - capture the squig, but I'll explain that when we get there).

So far the standings look like this:
1st - Me (Iron Fists Space Marines) 22VPs
2nd - Martin (Iyanden Eldar - Wraiths) 14VPs (+10 diff)
3rd - Ed (Space Wolves) 14VPs (+8 diff & game in hand)
4th - Mj (Grey Knights/Inquisition) 13 VPs
5th - George (Chaos Marines) 8 VPs (game in hand)
6th - Jacob (Astra Militarum/Space Wolves) 1 VP

Victory points differences (to resolve any ties in the final analysis)

Martin +10
Nick +9
Ed +8
Mj +6
George -9
Jacob -24

First game was a kill team where my bike squad (6 bikes and a multimelta attack bike) took on a 10 man chaos marine squad in a rhino in a game of head hunt (3vps for killing the enemy leader, 1 each for their specialists, first blood, linebreaker and for breaking them - causing 50% or more kills).

It started well, with the rhino getting blown up on turn 1 by the attack bike. I followed that up though by only killing one model with the rest of my shooting (Dang power armour!).

In response I lost two of my three specialists (one to overwatch fire from an ignores cover melta!) and I thought my number was up. Thankfully we got some combats going and the toughness of my bikers told in the end, I managed to kill the enemy leader and all three specialists, plus breaking my enemy and linebreaker to win the game 8-7. 

One of the interesting points of kill team here is that once you cause 50% casualties to your opponent, each model needs to take a break test at the start of each of their following turns, and if they fail it, they are removed from play. ATSKNF allows a re-roll to this, but this is a huge part of the game, because your opponent can really start running out of models quickly!

Second game was against a footslogging wolf list with a nasty battle leader on thunderwolf, I used a pair of min sized tactical squads, with 1 plasma cannon, a level 1 librarian, a whirlwind, assault cannon razorback and an assault cannon/skyhammer storm talon. Having secured the starport territory after the first game i could modify all reserve rolls by one, but that didn't help my storm talon arrive when the die turned up with a '1'. I rolled the dice anyway to see what damage he would have done and we're looking at 6 wounds on the battle leader!

It was a very one-sided game and my opponent only had four models on the table at the end. Sadly one of them was holding an objective and the others were claiming linebreaker whilst my razorback was 1" short of holding another objective in his deployment zone. We both got slay the warlord and I held an objective in my opponent's deployment so we both had linebreaker. He got first blood.

I made three massive mistakes here, the first was that i forgot to activate force and iron arm in my second turn, which (again, rolling in retropsect) meant my libby would have killed the battle leader outright. Second was not making sure that the razorback had the objective on turn 5 (i went round the terrain rather than through it, not wanting to risk immobilising myself). A third and possibly the most significant was shooting a combat squad at the solitary wolf guard instead of running over to the objective. I figured 8 bolter shots and a plasma cannon blast should take him down. It didn't.

A 6-5 loss. It should also be noted though that my opponent had incredible bad luck with his plasma guns. He tried three shots in the game, all of which got hot, and two managed to kill their wielders!

Final game was ridiculously one-sided. I brought a mechanised list, again using a librarian, though level 2 this time, two 5-man tactical squads in assault cannon razorbacks, a pair of multimelta/typhoon launcher land speeders, a stalker, vindicator and whirlwind. I left my opponent with just a single grey hunter alive after turn 5 (different player, using an unbound space wolf/guard list) and claiming maximum points (2 objectives, first blood, slay the warlord and linebreaker)

Men Vehicles of the match were my landspeeders, which accounted for general grizmund, a blizzard shield venerable dread and claiming an objective and linebreaker (5 VPs right there) but moment of the match had to be my stalker, which, lacking any airborne targets, snap fired at his manticore, rolling this...

I even managed to destroy it with three of those results scoring glancing hits or higher!

his only other units were two combat squads of grey hunters that fell to combo fire from vindicator, whirlwind and two razorbacks. His dreadnought caused a bit of damage, after the blizzard shield kept it alive, taking out a single landspeeder and a razorback

A win for the Iron Fists mech list, 9-0

next up - 1000pts against a wraith list. My pre-written list is bikes - erm, help! At least I'll get jink saves against most of it!