Saturday, 28 February 2015

Iron fists vs Necrons

Hi all, got a brief battle report for you today, when I faced a proxied 1500pt necron army on Thursday using an experimental elite list from my Iron Fists.

My list consisted of a CAD with chapter master and honour guard in a storm raven, captain and command squad on bikes, scout squad, plasma tactical squad, and three Devastator centurions. My opponents list used the mephrit dynasty detachment, two crypteks in triarch praetorian squads, two small immortal squads, one warrior squad, a destroyer and the obelisk & 2 monoliths formation.

We played the scouring and I was pleased to be able to take the table half with two objectives in my deployment zone (the 4pt and a 3pt). The necrons lived up to their reputation of being hard to put down, though my captain and command squad put down the two squads of immortals pretty quickly in combat (taking out their armour saves was significant, because then even re-rolling 1's for their re animation protocols wasn't huge for 5-man squads. The first monolith slung a praetorian unit out of its portal though, who charged into my centurions, tying up a significant amount of firepower for most of the game, though in my second turn the storm raven arrived, it's multi melta blowing up the monolith and killing a praetorian, with the chapter master and honour guard charging into the same combat. To my mind this combat really brought home just how tough the necrons are, the praetorians went down comparatively quickly, but the cryptek, despite being in a challenge with the chapter champion and without much support, managed to survive 4 combat turns (at least two of those involved a burning blade chapter master wounding on 2's, 3 power axe honour guard wounding on 3's, two power sword honour guard and two centurions all hitting the cryptek on his own).

The obelisk and warriors took down the storm raven through sheer weight of fire (whilst it was in hover mode) after dealing with the scouts, and the second monolith combined with the second praetorian squad to take down the two tactical combat squads (bar one man, who held the 4pt objective thanks to objective secured.
My captain bravely turbo boosted away from the obelisk to claim line breaker whilst cowering behind terrain, and at the end of turn 5 my opponent rolled to see if the game ended. The die teetered, looking to be a two, but it was stuck on terrain, and cocked. Picked up, rolled again - a one, and the game ended!

That sergeant above held the 4pt objective, the chapter master held the 3 pointer, and the captain claimed line breaker. My opponent held the second 3pt objective, the 1pt objective and had first blood.

So a win for the Iron Fists, 8-5, though neither list was optimal, I learned first hand just how tough Necrons are now (though my opponent made a lot of 5+ rolls, and when he failed it tended to be with 1's to allow him re-rolls, which he tended to pass).

A really enjoyable game though, and I think the result would have been different with another turn played.