Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The first trenches - terrain Tuesday

What progress have I made on my terrain this week? Quite a bit actually!

When I left you last week, I had sprayed a stone spray onto the ruined buildings (and some non ruined ones) I bought from Amera plastic mouldings.

This week, I've started painting a few of those pieces, ready to be attached to the modular boards I'm going to be constructing.

Above you can see the two ruined buildings I've finished, they had a black wash applied to the stone spray, which was then drybrushed with GW's 'steel legion drab' and then a lighter coat of 'Karak stone' - the same as the bases I've done for my models.

Similarly, I've finished the damaged barricade piece (one of my favourites!)

And then, because I don't like making small progress, this evening I've finished the supporting walls of the first two trench pieces

The boards are based with storm vermin fur, drybrushed over with mournfang brown to give it a rich wooden colour, that is then toned down with a drybrush of steel legion drab.

You can see here how the top drybrush really takes the orange out of the mournfang brown.

The supports have then been painted with leadbelcher and the whole thing washed with agrax earthshade.

I've got a grey primer to paint on the sanded sides of the trench and the base, which will then be black washed and drybrushed to match the ruined buildings.

Finally, this one's for you Greg as requested!