Monday, 23 February 2015

Week 12, month 3, Dark Eldar Blogwars Project

Wow, almost half way through this project, and well over half way through the work required for it, so I'll be adding bonus bits to the end of it once the main list is painted.

Still, over the last week I've made substantial progress now the ravagers are out of the way (though I have to admit, I've been butterflying a bit between units!).

Scourges - these have been my main focus and are now complete!

Grotesques - I've roughed out the basic layers for these guys, so they just need washes and layer highlights applying (plus a few laboratory style additions to two of them)

Reavers - these were mainly intended to be the last part of the month's work and only if I finished other stuff, so there's only the base layers done so far

Warriors - I had intended to not touch these until next month but felt the urge to do something that constituted obvious visible progress so I basecoated and washed all twenty. I have another ten at home but they don't form part of my blogwars list.

Till next time!