Monday, 2 March 2015

200 posts! And week 13, month 3, Dark Eldar blogwars project

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Welcome all to my 200th post! I've been running this blog for just over a couple of years now, and I'm pleased to say that thing are going well, monthly views, although still peanuts compared to some of the blogs out there, are steadily growing, and I'm refining my content all the time.

It's fair to say that this is still mainly a painting blog, to keep track of my progress on my armies, and the breakdown of posts bears that out - 55 painting updates, 37 tactical articles, 34 battle reports and 29 random posts.

Of course all that means nothing if you, the readers, aren't enjoying my content, but i'd like to think that growing viewing figures means I'm doing something right!

With that in mind, here's some more progress pictures for you of my Dark Eldar list - I'm pretty proud of these guys I have to admit! Last week, I posted up a very initial set of pics of my reaver jetbikes. Well I've finished 3 of them, and here they are in all their glory:

On top of that, I've started work on my warrior units, throwing all caution to the wind I'm going to aim to get all twenty remaining done this month, along with finishing the grotesques and making a start on the grotesque raider.

Till next time, keep brushing!

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