Monday, 9 March 2015

Week 14, month 4, dark eldar blogwars project

Hi everyone, welcome to the latest update post on my blogwars army project, I'm now half way through the time I've got to work on it, though I'm pleased to say that in terms of points, I'm now 78% done on my 1850 list.

To celebrate that milestone (the halfway point I mean, not the 78% finished, that would be weird) I decided to take some pics of the finished army so far - please excuse the board, it's in transition!

So last week I'd finished the reaver jetbikes, and begun work on the warriors. Well I've finished the first 10, the second of my gunboat squads (though I've actually painted two of these ten as squad leaders simply due to the models I picked to work on.

Next week should see the completion of at least 5 of the remaining ten warriors (hopefully all ten) so that I can start work on the coven units (I say start, I've been tinkering with them as I'm going along so they're well on the way).

It doesn't look like I'll have much terrain progress to update tomorrow, I've made some progress just not enough to justify a whole post. That means my next post should be a deployment tactica on Wednesday, till then keep those bristles smokin'!