Monday, 16 March 2015

Week 15, month 4, Dark Eldar blogwars 9 project

Hi all, 
welcome to the weekly painting update! Last week I took some complete pictures of the Kabal of the Burning Eye in its current state - though I'll be honest, I've not made much progress this week. 

Below you can see the solitary squad I've managed to complete in an entire week - sadly progress was delayed due to social engagements on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I've got a couple of battle reports on the way - first one was the Iron Fists up against the Grey Knights and their Salamanders allies in the 1500pt game in the campaign I'm running at my club, the Desolation of Delta Tao. Then on Thursday the Kabal took on the Tau in a 1500 game - not my most optimised list, in fact I took some knowingly under par units simply for a bit of variety, but they still put up a decent showing and pushed in some upstart faces.

Till then, keep brushing!