Monday, 23 March 2015

Week 16, month 4, dark eldar blogwars project.

Hi all, well it feels like more than a week somehow since my last post, but here we are again with more painting progress.

I'm afraid my butterfly tendencies kicked in a bit this week, along with a feeling of guilt that a survivor series painting log I'm taking part in with my club meant that I wanted more visible progress than painting some of my warriors would show.

Still, as you can see from the above, I've finished my grotesque squad for my 1850 list, and I'm pretty pleased with them - the only thing i should mention is as has been pointed out elsewhere, the 'gold bones' are not supposed to be bones, they're restraint spikes hammered into the subjects flesh to keep them still whilst haemonculus Kallax experiments upon them.

Next up, here is that visible progress I mentioned, as you can see I had a bunch of terminators needing some love for my iron fists - this is the before picture.

And here is the after, blue base coat applied and washed. Lots more work to do with these guys, but progress is progress!

After that, I managed to get a bit more painting time, and got this squad of five warriors done - I've now finished all the basic infantry for my blogwars list, woohoo!

Then I got distracted again. 

I have decided that once my 1850 list is complete, my next focus will be on the bloodstone Knights again - I've got the new blood Angels codex and I'm keen to get using my nasty looking dreadnought list (what's that you say? I need lots more models? Oh, ok, maybe I'll just get an allied detachment together to start with then).

The above is destined to be the warlord in my dreadnought heavy list, whilst the guys below form one of three assault squads in my jump pack list.

Finally, this guy was the first blood Angels model I ever bought (well, not specifically this one, but you get my meaning). Thing is, ever since then I've been disappointed that other weapons look far more threatening than his original axe, so I swapped it for the sanguinary guard one (I have spares, you'd be amazed how many you get when you use those models as assault squads and stick the wings on drop pods)

Till next time, try to avoid getting too much water up your ferrule!