Sunday, 19 April 2015

Blogwars 9 Project completion photos & The 'Mastermind' Project

Greetings all, hope this post finds you well - I know I've not posted much recently, but I've been taking a bit of a break from painting having finished the Blogwars army. And having done that, I've borrowed my Dad's camera and taken some better quality pictures than the usual iPhone pics I've taken as I've been going along.

Without further ado - here are some pictures of the entire army in all its glory.

So there we have it, all ready for June 6th, though they've been on a bit of a run of bad form recently, losing twice this week to marine armies. The first loss was the more frustrating, since it could easily have been avoided had I remembered that the Aether Riders have the hit and run special rule, which would have allowed them to make the most of their cluster caltrops to wipe out the three marines facing them and claim victory (even worse, skimming my surviving venom flat out instead of hovering it to try and prevent linebreaker would have claimed at least a draw).

The second was less in my power to prevent, as Vulkan and his minions steadily took apart my raiding party. More strategic deployment may have helped my case in this match, as might holding my grotesques back to apply their talents to more vulnerable prey instead of throwing them at the centurions and their chapter master protection.

So on to the next project, since finishing the Kabal I've been trying to decide what to concentrate on next, do I go back to the Iron Fists for a bit, put some work into the Bloodstone Knights, get The Revenant up to scratch with the three models I've got, or focus on other game systems. 

In typical butterfly style, the answer I've gone for is 'all of the above'. Namely, I've decided to apply the 'I've started so I'll finish' principle and get finished everything that has paint on it before I assemble or undercoat anything else. 

So where to start? Simple really, I've finished one of my bloodbowl teams and I'm trying to start MAD League Bloodbowl up again over this summer, so to that end I've decided to paint up my Skaven team from Black Scorpion Miniatures.