Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The iron fists return

Hi everyone! I'm back, sorry for the brief-ish hiatus but I'm now back on the ball and will be working frenetically on some stuff for the iron fists as set out in my post on the mastermind project.

First up is the motor pool! I've had these two razorbacks sat on my painting table since the inception of the iron fists themselves (the were part of my viper guard until the paint for them got discontinued!). Similarly the vindicator has long needs a new paint job, and though the stalker is newer than the others it has still been unloved for too long. The whirlwind on the other hand Is finished, and was in fact one of the first things I finished for the iron fists army.

In the last week or so then since I completed the blogwars list for the Kabal of the burning eye, I've been putting the brushes to use on the stalker in particular, and here are the semi-ripe fruits of those labours. They've been somewhat delayed by the rather distressing lack of any agrax earthshade wash, but more on that later in the week.

I'm also hoping to return to producing some random musing articles and a few tactical insights, as I have been remiss lately in putting my thoughts to keyboard.

Topics I'd like to visit are:

What's the hobby item you couldn't be without?

The eldar - why so strong?

More on the dark eldar.

But enough of that, here's the latest on the stalker!

As you can see, just under half of it is complete in terms of blue/gold and I'm hoping to get more done today so I can finish it tomorrow.

Till next time, may your weasel never lead you astray.