Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Week 19, month 5, dark eldar blogwars 9 project

Hi all! Apologies for not posting last week, I got completely thrown by the bank holiday here in the uk when I would normally post my painting progress and never really got the hang of the week following that.

I have managed quite substantial progress though as you might imagine in the last two weeks, such that next week I'm aiming to bring you completed photos of the army in all it's glory!

Without further ado then, here's the latest progress! You can see the second venom finished in the main picture above, shown alongside the first one I did ages ago.

Next up, the raider I showed last time is done bar a pilot (I'm hoping to get another wrack model but may have to sub in a kabalite pilot depending on funds!).

Then following that I've got the last three reavers finished tonight.

And for those of you who thought I'd forgotten my scenery work, I haven't! Here's the latest progress on it!

These four tiles are completed, just waiting for the other 20 now!