Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Iron fists painting update 18-5-15

Hi all,

Monday again, and after another busy week and weekend I've had to fit in a monster session this evening to get some decent progress in. Also I've only got 13 days left to finish the Storm Raven, which is too big to take to work to get stuff done at lunchtime.

So what have I been working on at lunchtimes? Well I've had a whole box of stuff to make progress on, the first part of which is my aegis line - which I seem to recall I was working on this time last year before I put it aside for more interesting projects (yup, definitely need to focus my painting more!). Add to that I've been working on getting my remaining footslogging scouts done, just in case they actually become good in the new codex, which I am really looking forward to, can't wait to see what the update does for them.

At this point I'm going to digress into a bit of a rant. Now I've posted up on this blog recently about GW's recent habit of releasing stuff quickly and in mini-versions, but I don't want to go back into that. I'll be honest, I'm an unashamed fan of GW, 40k in general and I do not feel in any way cheated that after 2 years of such rapid change in the hobby we're getting a new marine codex (actually, 21 months, but who's counting). I've posted up before, I think the marine codex feels old at present, and I'm really looking forward to fielding a battle company with a decurion style detachment (Look out for my thoughts on the Spear of Sicarius formation on Wednesday).

Back to the main topic though, here is the first aegis panel 80% complete, it just needs the final blue layer and pipes detailing on the rear.

Next up, here are the scouts I've been working on. They're not very far along, but progress is progress, as my buddy Martin would say! Most of the base blue is done, and the grey base layer is finished and washed with nuln oil.

And finally, here is the storm raven I've been working on - it's got most of the base layers done, and the gold is finished. Still a long way to go however, wish me luck!

Till next time, call me freakshow.