Monday, 11 May 2015

Iron fists painting update

Hi all, welcome to Monday's painting update - back to focusing on the Iron Fists for a while!

A few weeks ago I posted up my plan for the next few months, the Mastermind Project, the idea being I would get finished a lot of the models I've started before moving on to starting a new army towards the end of this year.

Thursday was a general election here in the UK, and I work on a polling station in a sleepy backwater village. What that means in practice is I'm sat in a room for 15 hours with a handful of people coming in to cast their votes every so often. We managed 114 this time from a possible 142, so a decent turnout but the astute amongst you will realise that 114 visitors spread over 15 hours is still less than 8 per hour. 

What that really means is that I get a lot of time to get on with things. Now I'd got two razorbacks and a vindicator ready to go and over the course of the day I got them finished (bar a few final rivet details)

Now I'm pretty pleased with these having had them sat around in a box for at least two years since I re-undercoated them.

As a reward I decided to move an item up my list, so here's the next painting project I'll be aiming to complete by the end of May.

Tune in next week to see how I'm getting on!

Till next time, watch out for that ha-ha!