Friday, 5 June 2015

Blog Wars 9 - wish me luck!

So, the time has come (the walrus said) and I'm off to my first ever tournament - BlogWars 9.

There are 4 of us going from my club and we're heading up to Stockport tonight to get ourselves ready for the event.

1850pts, 3 games and a special character required so come tomorrow evening I'm going to be quite knackered (somehow I don't think tonight will be an early night...)

I played my last prep game last night using the BlogWars maelstrom mission against probably my scariest opponent - a salamanders drop list with imperial fist allied detachment (for nasty tank hunter centurions). It was a nail biter the whole way through - neither player could really make a decisive impact on the table with my opponent rolling ridiculously well for his saves (at one point i fired 2 venoms, 1 set of venom passengers, and 4 large blast missiles from my razorwing into his command squad and killed...1 marine). I should also mention that all three of his drop pods scattered so far from their targets that they did little damage.

The Marines took an early lead, but thanks to the way maelstrom missions are scored, I didn't panic and got right back into the game during the middle turns. My firepower, along with a few judicious sacrifical lambs to ensure the centurions were either tied up in combat or only shooting what i wanted them to shoot at, started to tell in the last turns, and when the game finished my opponent only had the centurions and a chapter master left on the table. I had the chance to win in the final turn, though to do so i needed to kill 3 units with my shooting. A ravager (snap shooting) managed to take down his target of the techmarine manning a thunderfire cannon. Unsurprisingly the second ravager (down to 2 lances) took out the sole survivor of a tactical squad, which left me with a full squad of haywire scourges and a raider to take out a rhino whilst my kabalite warriors disembarked to claim an objective (for two points).

I fluffed it, and caused just a single hull point of damage. In went the warriors and scourges on the charge (S4 thanks to Power from Pain) and the warriors, despite 20 attacks, and 16 hits, failed to get a single 6 to glance the vehicle. Thankfully the scourges pulled it out of the bag and caused 3 glances, meaning I captured the objective.

Combined with linebreaker I managed to pick up 4 points on the last turn to pull out a draw (if only my rolling had been ok on turn 1, I'd have had an extra point for first strike too and won the thing).

So, I avoided a hammering (which I took last time I played this opponent with these lists) and I'm going into the tournament on the back of a better understanding of that mission, and how my army is actually still capable of dishing the damage even after a bit of a beating.

Wish me luck! (especially in the raffle, with the prizes being a Knight, Execution Force, a F.A.T mat, the Knight codex, skitarii codex, two promethium relay kits and 3 army painter laser pointers, not to mention the prizes for winning - unlikely, and best painted army)

Till next time, what do you want me to do, kill him again?