Monday, 28 September 2015

A flame rekindled

Greetings all! It's been a long time since I last posted anything, for which I beg your forgiveness - as I said in my last post things have been kind of hectic here for a while now.

1. Work got very stressful.
2. 30 weeks pregnant wife broke her foot and had a cast on for six weeks.
3. Bedrooms needed preparing for 2 year old daughter and aforementioned new arrival.

Thankfully, there were no complications with the broken foot and the new baby arrived in good health only a couple of days late. I'm now preparing sorrowfully for the return to work, which will be a shock you can be sure.

It's not all been a hobby desert in the meantime though - I've dramatically increased my participation in Magic the Gathering, which I'm finding a blast at present. I've finished off my first 500pts of Tau and made a decent start on the next 250 for our tale of five gamers series, and have almost completed my involvement in the second MAD bloodbowl league (finished second in the table and qualified for the final, woohoo!). I've also been busy working on a proper bloodbowl pitch for my club, which is rapidly approaching completion even though it has come at the cost of breaking my dremel.

Without further ado then, here's a few pics!

The pitch - a lot of static grass required!

The scoreboard - aka a great excuse for eating ice creams and getting the sticks!

Dugout 1 - still under construction!

Tau Obsidian Enclave 500pts - next up - the Riptide!

Of course where does that leave my hobby status, and the future of the blog?

Well, first off, I'm firmly wedded to the idea of continuing the blog - whilst the extra time has been useful I won't deny, I've really missed posting stuff up and chatting to you guys over the last few months!

Warhammer 40k - Again I'm committed to this game in the long term - the creation of the obsidian enclave army is just the next step and once that's done (haha - I mean of course done as far as the tale of gamers series is concerned) I've got plenty more Marines and Dark Eldar to be getting on with.

Magic: The Gathering. Really enjoying this game at the moment and have committed significant funds and effort to it over the last few months. I've also got a good network of players I play with in and out of my local club so this is here to stay too.

Star Trek: Attack Wing. I've not played for a while, but I'm looking to pick up a couple more ships for my dominion collection and once I've got them will hopefully get some more games in.

Bloodbowl: This is the big one folks, and will see an increased presence on the blog in the future. MAD League II is just about to finish, and painting is underway on my (very) expensive Dark Elf team for MAD League III. I'll be posting up some more tacticas as I write them, and will hopefully get a few game reports in for the next league too!

I think that's probably it for now as far as participation goes, I'll certainly try and get some more regular articles up as things settle down again, there's plenty of stuff on my painting table to report on!