Saturday, 31 October 2015

Help, need a little help here!

Ok, so maybe that's a bit over the top, but I'm kind of stumped at the moment as to where to go next with the Tau in the Tale of 4 Gamers series at my club (yup, we lost another, we're now down to 4).

So far I did pretty well in round 1, round 2 has been appallingly bad in terms of results so I need to bring things back in line in round three, which is where you wonderful people come in.

Round 1 list

First off, I should note we only required 1 troops choice to fill a CAD in round 1!


2 stealth teams with 1 fusion blaster each

9 Fire warriors in devilfish

These games went well, the fusion blasters ripped the Chaos army to bits on turn 1, crippling it to a point where I could just finish off the footslogging marines at my leisure. Similarly it took apart the Dark Eldar (no longer taking part). I lost out to both marine lists though, albeit I ran one of them close thanks to nabbing the relic and stuffing it in the Devilfish!

Round 2 list


1 stealth team with fusion blaster
Riptide with Ion Accelerator, velocity tracker and early warning override for skyfire and interceptor.

2x 6 Fire Warriors in Devilfish

These games have not gone well, though I've still got Chaos to play at the time of writing. The biggest issue is the riptide - I put this in the list to account for the Heldrake that I knew was coming, but in the games I've played so far his BS of 3 has really proved to be a problem area. I knew there were no marker lights and that would hamper me, but it's proved to be more than a minor issue, Mr Rippy has missed just about everything he's shot at, only once managing to land the large blast template over enemy models so far, he's also had about 5 gets hot results for it, including one that resulted in a wound getting through his armour!

Round 3 options

So what could I do to mitigate the unbalanced nature of the round 2 list in round 3. Bear in mind I have to actually buy any models I want, so funds will be limited to what I get given for my birthday.

My first thought was to pretty much start from scratch, so using one of the leaked formations and battlescribe, assuming no points values have changed I created this elite beast.

Commander, Iridium battlesuit, C&C Node, MS Suite, Puretide chip, Airbursting frag projector, 2 plasma rifles and shield generator

3 Crisis teams, each of 2 members. One with two plasma rifles each and a single target lock, one with a cyclic ion blaster and missile pod, one with two missile pods, and the third with two fusion blasters each and one target lock.
Riptide as per round 2
2 Broadsides with heavy rail rifles, twin linked plasma guns and one target lock, with two missile drones and two shield drones.

For those not familiar with the leaks, the formation gets relentless, and +1BS for models on the turn they arrive from DS (you can also have the entire formation arrive from DS on turn 2, but I don't fancy auto-losing on turn 1 as I have no models).

This list would be based around having the broadsides start on the table, possibly with the commander, and for everything else to drop in from turn 2, allowing me to pick up objectives and targets 'on the fly' as it were. The downside is obviously the model count, and though the crisis suits have 2W each it's still prone to some bad rolls (which I excel at) scuppering the whole gameplan.

The second list focuses on utilising the Hunter contingent detachment that's also been leaked (and the sneaky trick i discovered that I posted about here.

It uses the same Commander, minus the C&C node (needed the points), a plasma crisis team (facing lots of power armour), three 6-man devilfish firewarrior teams (one would have the new pulse blasters, the other two plasma carbines), a railgun with submunition hammerhead (with SMS and disruption pod for increased cover saves), a pathfinder team of 4 men with two rail rifles (centurion hunters) and a squadron of 4 marker drones.

The formation benefits here would allow me to run and then shoot with the infantry, whilst the hammerhead could go flat out and shoot also, along with the big rule of the moment, allowing me to combine fire with different units, also therefore combining all the rules that affect that shooting, and adding +1BS if three units shoot at a single target. Yes, I know there's a debate over whether you can apply USRs to the shooting, but I think it's pretty clear and would play it that way, rolling off for it if my opponent disagrees.

The final list therefore is the one that builds most directly from my round 2 list.
The two fire warrior teams are bumped up in size, one of 12 and one of 11. Darkstrider comes back in to the smaller unit. The two stealth teams come back in but become part of the stealth cadre formation with a ghostkeel to take down vehicles. That's all backed up by an ion cannon hammerhead with lots of gear to allow it to repair itself, ignore night fighting, boost cover etc.

At the moment, whilst I love the idea of the first list I'm thinking it's too extreme to work on its own, and needs to be part of a larger force to make the most of its deployment rules. The third list would definitely be the easiest to field as it only requires me to get 3 models, one of which is the gorgeous ghostkeel I really really want.

I kind of think that the second list is probably going to be the most effective though, bringing lots of mobility and with the ability to really concentrate firepower if needed. It does mean painting more infantry though...

What would you choose? And why?
I'll make no promises I go with what you all recommend but I'd love to hear your thoughts.