Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Tau Obsidian Enclave Painting update, plus Dreadtober!

Which do you want, multi-melta or power fist? They're both gonna hurt...
Hi all, pic heavy post for you today - it's ages since I did a proper painting progress update, so I've got a complete pic dump for you of all the pictures I've taken of the Obsidian Enclave. I'll be doing more regular progress updates again in the future! In the meantime, you can see my latest progress pic for the Dreadtober challenge over at Feed Your Nerd above. He's nearly there, some silver and detailing left to do.

I'm sorry, my scanner says I killed you.
This was the very first model I painted for the Obsidian Enclave, my test scheme to see if the striped idea I'd had would work. Needless to say I decided it did, so I got cracking on the rest of my models.

This was the initial purchase I made for the Tau, consisting of a pair of Devilfish, two squads of fire warriors and two stealth teams. I'd forgotten until I built the fire warriors just how much waste there used to be on the sprues. I can completely see why the price has increased in the meantime as there's probably 3 times as much plastic used these days on each sprue!
Some of my favourite Tau models, I was really eager to use the stealth suits as the basis of the philosophy behind my force, so to see the Ghostkeel being released was a bit of a hallelujah moment for me. Now if I'm right and there's a stealth base formation coming, I'll definitely be picking up more of these guys, doubly so if their points drop a bit!
Now you see me, now you don't

I love the idea behind the 'Fish of Fury' tactic, so the basis of my collection was/is going to be around a mechanised force using these reasonably mobile transports to get around the table and claim objectives/gang up on elements of my opponent's force.

The first devilfish, alongside the rest of my initial 500pts

Devilfish 2, (Judgement Day) approaching completion

The twins. Can you tell them apart?
So, with 500pts completed, the next step was to add to the force for the 750pt round in our Tale of Gamers series.

First up to be added was this fella - heck I was gonna be facing a Heldrake in a 750pt list so I had to do something about it! Plus the model is amazing!

This (above) was the actual addition (and replacement) to my 500pt list. Total:443pts! So changed over half of the list concept. Oops!

 Below we have the next element, being drafted in at 1000pts, there's a box of pathfinders (I'm trying to minimise the dirt, they'll have the rail rifles rather than markerlights)

I'm still a realist though - there are half a dozen markerlight drones on that paint station. That should result in (average) of 2 hits though, so only really enough to make 1 key difference each turn. I'll probably need to add more eventually, but for now I'm trying to minimise the perceived cheese.

And all the painted stuff? What does that look like?

Pretty cool I think. Lots more infantry to add to this of course, and a dozen drones, now I'm just trying to decide what to add once the new codex hits (besides the gorgeous Ghostkeel of course!)