Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Gaming for charitable gain

Hi all,

I've got a proposition to put to you all, for your thoughts, views and suggestions (and hopefully support in the longer term).

I was very sad to hear recently that BlogWars will be disappearing next year, though equally excited to find out that Alex has plans to do something different instead.

Now, I've been toying around with an idea for, well, ages quite frankly, and circumstances recently have given me encouragement to give it more thought and effort.

Those who know me will understand that I'm not a WAAC competitive player, but I enjoy playing the game and playing as hard as I can within a game to win. That's why I liked the sound of BlogWars when I first read about it.

I've got a hankering to try and run my own tournament, but a tournament with a twist. My idea is not so much a competitive event but a 24 hour gaming marathon, with each participant having raised a sum of money for the event's chosen charity in order to enter.

Here's where things took a rather more personal turn. I'd always felt that such an event would be best linked to a charity such as Help for Heroes given the context of the game, but recently the son of some friends of our family was diagnosed with a tumour. George isn't even three (in fact he's only a couple of weeks younger than my own eldest daughter, and we met his parents on an ante-natal course). Thankfully he's responded to treatment and following an operation and another course of treatment things are looking positive, but I obviously want to be able to give something back to the people who have allowed him to be in this position.

Now I've got a name for the event - Hero for a Day. I also know that I want it to be a 24-hour marathon style event rather than a more structured player vs player, so I'm thinking more about having two teams participate, with the results of each game feeding into the team performance. I've run team campaigns before and I really think they have something to offer in this respect - they allow for specific missions to be designed with armies selected from those available within the team that benefit from those mission parameters, and they also encourage a deeper involvement between all the players taking part than everyone in it for themselves, which let's face it appeals to the purpose behind raising money for charity.

I have no dates set yet for such an event, and I've only ever run local campaigns at my club before so this is all fairly new to me personally. On that basis, I'm asking you, my online friends, for your thoughts.

Please let me know if this is something you'd like to get behind, either by sponsoring or participating (both in organisation and on the day), and if you have any ideas as to how it could be organised or some suggestions for missions please let me know in the comment section. I'll try and keep everyone appraised of how things are going on the blog, and if things come together well I'll also be looking to set up a forum to allow for discussion of organisational matters (and for participants to discuss mission tactics etc). Keep your eyes peeled for a series of polls on the blog therefore as I come up with and take ideas/suggestions for how things will go - I'd really love to make sure this event is a blend of what the people attending would like to do.

With regard to the charity in question - I've asked George's parents to choose, and they've requested the following:

CCLG (Childhood Cancer and Leukaemia Group). They are a small charity that relies on volunteers and is based in Leicester but their work is national. The research they've done has informed the protocol that is followed for the treatment of Wilms tumours like George's (amongst other childhood cancers).