Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hero for a day - event format

Greetings all,

It's time for some more thoughts and updates on the charity gaming marathon I'm going to be organising next year. Oh yeah, and an announcement!


There are a couple of things to talk about here - first whether or not the event should be run as a team event or solo, and second would it be preferable to have the results of the games influence things throughout the day.

On the first point then, I'm initially aiming to get around 20 people signed up to participate - not big by any means but at this stage I figured it would be easier to manage and see the event as being a success at this scale initially, and only if demand is greater would I need to expand things out to include more participants.

On the second point, the option was then open to decide if I wanted 24 hours of gaming with each player playing a series of single games against their opponents. One of the key things I really want to encourage as part of the event though is a good atmosphere and spirit throughout the day - I'm aware that we are all going to get tired and probably a little fractious, so I figured a team situation would work better with no outcome of the day riding on a single performance, not to mention bearing in mind that the whole purpose of the event is to raise money for a good cause.

How do I see a team event working?
First and foremost - whilst some people may very well be able to attend as a group of friends, by and large the majority of tournament attendees are probably going to be coming on their own rather than as a group. So I don't foresee asking people to enter as a team - there are plenty of people out there who I've had contact with through the blog that I'd love to see attend and requiring team entry may hamper that as they're spread far and wide across the country. Consequently, I'll be drawing players to teams based on the faction they intend to bring (obviously those with only a potential single faction will be limited to particular teams, but this will be fairly balanced I'd think - most people I know who play the game have more than one army available!)

I'm as yet undecided whether to try to get four teams of five players or two teams of ten, and I think this may depend on the factions available to players as above.

I'd initially planned to ask the potential participants to see what they thought about how they'd like to see the games organised, in other words should I run the event as a typical tournament with each game being completely separate to the others, or should it be more of a narrative style event?

I'd still love to hear your thoughts about how best to achieve it, but in this case I think I'm going to go with my gut instincts and what I know and love - so the games in the event will all be interlinked, with the results across the whole room influencing the particular mission and special rules of the next game.

At the moment I'm thinking of recording the victory points won by each team in a round, with three possible results affecting subsequent games - so attackers defeated, deadlock and defenders pushed back.

So now for my announcement - I'm planning on writing a short background piece to set the scene for each mission, and I've secured someone to narrate these for us so each round will be prefaced by an audio intro. Those of you familiar with the dark city forum will probably recognise the voice!

Gaming sizes

Here's my second main point then, and this will be the focus of the next vote, which will go live on Wednesday.

I'd love to include different game sizes and types during the day, so I'm currently thinking of including the following:
1. Standard 1850pt games
2. Kill team missions
3. Doubles games at 1500pts per side

I'm also considering possibly a handicap round, so perhaps a 2 on 1 game with the single player suffering from fewer points, but with the opponents having to enter the board from opposite ends

The standard games I'd like to vary too to keep the tactics fresh, so some may require non-standard deployment, or represent an ambush etc. I've also thought about using planet strike rules and zone mortalis (which would obviously be limited by availability of scenery, as I don't have it, or the rules). Let me know what you think!

Finally, timing, I'm inclined to run the event from midnight-midnight, partly from the point of view of only needing the room for a day, but also because it would at least let us get a bit of sleep on the second night rather than going through a whole night. What do you all reckon?

As a final point then - anyone who'd be willing to give this a bit of publicity on their blogs, please feel free, there's enough momentum in the project I think for it to be ready to gain a wider audience now.

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